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YT Mob in America: Racecraft at Windrock

The hunt for YT's next junior World Cup racers heads to Tennessee

YT Mob World Tour Windrock

YT Mob’s hunt for its next two junior racers has traveled around the world, from New Zealand to South America and Fort William, Scotland. Now, the World Tour lands in North America at the Wondrock Bike Park in Tennessee.

At Windrock, 22 riders from Canada, Brazil and the United States gather to learn what racecraft is, and why it is important.

YT Mob World Tour Windrock
Neko Mulally and Angel Suarez with the young talent. Photo: Isac Paddock

Who better to learn this from than Neko Mulally? The American is part of the rising crop of American downhill racers leading the nations resurgence on the World Cup scene. Joined by YT Mob pro rider Angel Suarez, Mulally leads the fifth of six YT Mob World Tour camps.

YT Mob World Tour Windrock
Turning learning into speed. Photo: Isac Paddock

“Racecraft… it’s like asking ‘what is a ghost?’ It is hard to define,” says YT Mob team owner Martin Whiteley. “It is the art of racing and understanding when to be measured, when to ride a percentage race, when to take risks and when not to. That is something you must take into consideration. At the end of the day Racecraft is the art about knowing what you need to do to get the most out of your run.”

Physical skill only goes so far. To succeed, racers must balance mental strength with their ambition. This means learning patience, and weighting risk vs. reward.
YT Mob World Tour Windrock
Photo: Isac Paddock
“If you’re not being patient you can hurt yourself,” says Dante Silva, one of the young riders at Windrock, “but pushing and persevering is needed to figure out that process, the Racecraft.”

YT Mob World Tour: Episode 5: Racecraft at Windrock Bike Park

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