YT Mob World Tour heads to Fort William

The search for young talent lands on hollowed ground of Scotland's famous downhill track

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The dedication required to excel at downhill racing brings along with it certain sacrifices. Time that could be spent relaxing with friends and, occasionally, health in a sport where injury is routine.

YT Mob World Tour heads to Fort William, Scotland for the third round of the Young Talent Camp. There’s no place better to sort out which of the young riders in camp has the ability to ascend to greatness than the storied Scottish downhill World Cup track. Fort Bill has demanded much from athletes in the past, and surely will for years to come.

YT Mob World tour
Photo: Isac Paddock
YT Mob heads to the Highlands

The European stop of the Mob World Tour – and the chance to ride at Fort William – attracted a large group of young riders. 120 applicants were whittled won to 22 participants from 12 countries. The lucky few were met by YT’s mentor and talent developer Martin Whitelyey, and ex-pro rider Angel Suarez.

“Talent is a nice foundation to have, but talent means nothing without hard work and sacrifice,” according to YT Industries CEO Markus Flossmann. “You will never reach the very top of downhill mountain bike racing without 100% dedication and hard work.”
YT Mob World tour
Photo: Isac Paddock

It’s not just the developing riders that make sacrifices to be at camp, though.

“I think there is a lot of sacrifice as a family as well. At the end of the day they sacrifice holidays, time and money. I think as an athlete you need that support.” Whiteley, also the team’s owner, said of the group at camp. “I am pleasantly surprised with how great the parents here have been with their kids. They are fully supportive and understand their role; a supporting, loving parent that goes through thick and thin.”