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Zwift takes users off-road with new training plans and bikes

The update will include specific training plans and gear for gravel and mountain bike Zwifters

Zwift, the indoor training and racing giant, has announced it will be releasing new training plans and bikes designed around the specific needs of mountain bikers and gravel riders. Off-road cyclists, who account for 10% of Zwift’s user base, will have more training plans and virtual bike options with this new update.

Two specific plans will be designed for off-road cyclists looking to boost their indoor training. The plans focus on the specific types of power output and pedalling that mountain bike and gravel riders need to succeed. For mountain bikers, the ‘Dirt Destroyer’ plan will include repeated surges, helping the rider increase their anaerobic capacity and pedal torque. For those looking to get into the rapidly growing culture of gravel riding, the ‘Pebble Pounder’ entry level training plan is a beginner-friendly version of the ‘Gravel Grinder’ plan.

Virtual gear heads will be pleased to hear that Zwift has updated its collection of bikes to include a range of off-road rides. New gravel bikes available include the Canyon Grail, Inflite and Cervelo Aspero. The ‘Drop Shop’ will also now be selling mountain bikes such as the Canyon Lux, Scott Spark and Specialized Epic. The bikes will behave similarly to their real world counterparts, meaning gravel bikes will be fastest on gravel, moderate on road, and slower off-road. Similarly, mountain bikes will be fastest off road, slower on gravel and slowest on the road.

Zwift is already planning on expanding their off-road training plan collection with the release of a second, more advanced, training plan for cross country cyclists in early 2020. “We already have a strong user base of riders who spend most of their outdoor riding off-road.” Said Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder. “This may not be a total surprise – indoor training isn’t just an effective training tool for road cyclists. However, this first coordinated move to cater for the audience is a significant step. For the first time, we will have dedicated training plans and bikes that suit the needs of off-road cyclists.”