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10 thoughts all cyclists have during a very hot ride

When you've lost count of how many times you refilled your bottles

It’s peak cycling season and those long, sunny days in the saddle are finally here. It’s not cold anymore, so we really shouldn’t be complaining, but that summer heat can really throw a punch some days. Here are some thoughts a very warm cyclist will have during their ride.

1. “How am I generating so much sweat?”

It truly is an interesting experience to stop at a light and realize that every inch of your body is sweating.

2. Similarly, “How am I generating so much salt?”

Everyone is different, but if you sweat enough at some point you’ll develop a nice layer of salt on your skin, jersey and hair. On hot days some particularly salty cyclists will produce what looks like a salty Rorschach test on the back of their jerseys.

3. “The forecast said it would get even hotter than this?!”

It’s never a good sign when you’re already sweating profusely at 7 a.m.

4. “Did I wear enough sunscreen?”

Or, if you left in a hurry, “did I remember to put on sunscreen?”

5. “If I go faster, will the wind blow harder against me and cool me down?”

No, it won’t, but this logic could take you in some interesting directions.

6. “Where is the next water stop?”

You just stopped for water, but, at the rate you’re finishing bottles, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about this now.

7. “Do I have to eat this?”

Yes, unfortunately, no matter how not-hungry the heat is making you, you’ll still bonk if you don’t eat on a hot ride.

8. “Can I flag down that ice cream truck?”

You’ll never know until you try.

9. “Can I jump in this body of water?”

Unless it’s private, there’s not much stopping you from doing it.

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10. “If I just stand in the corner of this air-conditioned gas station for a few minutes do you think they will notice?”

Get the cold air where you can.