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12 indoor trainer thoughts every cyclist can relate to

How has it only been one minute?

Photo by: Matt Stetson

Long winters mean many Canadian cyclists will spend a good chunk of the year on their indoor trainers. Indoor training is a love/hate experience and, due to the mostly solo nature of the activity, it fosters a lot of “me” time. As you sit there trying to figure out what life choices brought you to a point where you’re purposefully spinning and sweating in cold room in January, a few of these thoughts will probably cross your mind.

1. Is the fan in the perfect position?

If you adjust your fan maybe a few millimetres would the breeze cool you off a tiny bit? Is it worth unclipping or reaching over your bars? And is this actually how much you sweat on the road?

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2. Exactly 47 minutes and 23 seconds until I can get off

Some rides fly by, others drag on from the get-go

3. Should you change your fit?

Your position on the trainer is slightly different from on the road (because of the lack of inertia.) Even knowing this information, you’ll still occasionally catch yourself wondering if you should get a shorter stem or maybe raise your saddle? Is it the angle of your saddle? Or maybe your bars are slightly too wide? The rabbit hole is easy to fall into.

4. Why is this so hard?

Maybe you have a problem with connectivity or your power numbers are just reading low. It’s probably because you haven’t lubed your chain in a bit. It definitely has nothing to do with you.

5. Should you stop to grab your sweat towel off the ground?

It’s right there, just barely out of reach, you can almost keep pedalling and grab it if you just lean forward a little bit…Inevitably you knee yourself in the chest and have to unclip to grab it.

6. Is [your favourite local frienemy] training more than me?

Nothing like a hard indoor ride to remind you that other people are doing more hard indoor rides than you are.

7. What should I eat when I finish?

Your fridge is calling your name as you finish that last interval.

8. If I stop now will people on Strava or Zwift notice?

Best to imagine that they will definitely notice, at least if that kind of thing motivates you to finish your ride.

9. Is my trainer level?

Am I leaning very slightly to the left? Is my floor slightly angled?

10. How has it only been one minute?

According to expert physicists, one minute at 130 per cent of FTP is the equivalent of two hours in earth time.

11. Should I try and read that email I just got?

It looks kind of important, but you only have ten minutes left in the workout so it can probably wait…

12. That was kind of fun/If I keep this up I’ll be stronger this summer!

Whether you’re working towards a goal or just trying to maintain fitness it’s always nice to remind yourself why you’re riding.