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9 custom bike painters that are taking frames to the next level

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There are so many customizable components on a bike that a cyclist with a heavily modified ride could almost encounter a ship of Theseus philosophical conundrum were it not for one consistent: The frame. When it comes down to it, a bike’s frame is really the basis of the build, but, even the frame can be customized and personalized to make a bike truly unique. Here are some bike painting Instagram accounts that showcase some of the best custom paint designs in cycling.

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VéloColour is a Toronto-based custom paint design company that also makes cycling bags and accessories and custom and small batch headbadges. Known for sustainable and durable products and paint, VéloColour has been painting and restoring bikes since 2008.



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Spectrum Paint Works

Spectrum Paint and Powder Works is based in Boulder, Colorado. As its name implies, the company does both custom paint and powder coatings. According to Spectrum, powder coatings are great for metal bikes.

Squid Bikes

When you buy a Squid frame or frameset you’re given the option to “Spray to Order.” The brand does custom spray painted metal bikes, and will preview a bike’s design on a “test can” (a spray paint can painted with the custom look) before finalizing with the customer. Aspiring artists can also buy bike-specific paint from Spray Bike.


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Remember those iconic and controversial Palace x Cannondale x Rapha x EF bikes from last year’s Giro? Bobby Vandenhoorn, a concept artist at Cannondale, is behind those bikes. While he doesn’t take private commissions, it’s worth following him just to see some of the bikes he’s working on and the behind-the-scenes stories he shares.

Flux Customs

Flux Customs is a Colorado-based shop that believes: “if you can imagine it, we can execute it.” It focuses on tailored paint, powder, and ceramic coat finishes.

PaintHouse Customs

While mostly known for making the recognizable RedBull helmets, PaintHouse Customs also does the occasional bike frame, such as this Trek for Brandon Semenuk.

The Fresh Paints of Whistler

Also mostly helmets, the Fresh Paints of Whistler will occasionally post some custom bike designs, such as this super Canadian paint job for Seth Sherlock.

Tony Baumann

Based in Bellingham, Washington, Tony Baumann does hyper-detailed custom paint jobs that range from watermelon themed to Dali-inspired designs. He even painted an Aquaman bike for Jason Momoa.

Tyler Angelo Marchesano

Tyler Angelo Marchesano does the custom work for Specialized. Many of his recent designs have hydro dipped look, which results in one-of-a-kind designs.