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9 things only a cycling couple will understand

Bring on the tandem bike jokes

Whether you both met as cyclists or one partner got the other into the sport, your mutual commitment to the lifestyle only makes you more fond of each other. If you’re a cycling couple you’ll understand some of the benefits (and little inconveniences) of being with another cyclist.

1. Bike storage becomes an issue

Two times the the cyclists means two times the bikes. “Wow, you guys have a lot of bikes” is the first thing most non-cycling people say when they come over and see your (somewhat) organized collection. Bike storage took an inordinate amount of planning, involving considerations such as distance from entryway, frequency of use and debates about who gets the better storage spots.

2. All vacations turn into cycling vacations

Even when a trip isn’t explicitly a cycling trip, when booking and planning vacations you find yourself excitedly waiting for your partner to inevitably ask “So, do you think we’ll be able to bring our bikes? Or at least rent bikes there?”

3. The trainer becomes a permanent piece of furniture

Most trainers are made to fold up nicely out of sight in a corner. That is, unless there is nobody to complain about the trainer being in the way. When you’re a cycling couple your trainers get a place of honour, taking up valuable furniture space in the living room or even getting their own dedicated room/ basement for training.

Clif nut-butter filled bars

4. You buy training snacks in bulk

Training food can get expensive, but at least living with a second cyclist means you can buy the costco size of everything without worrying about it expiring. Buying training snacks in bulk becomes the norm when you’re both devouring them all week on rides.

5. You could go on a date, or you could go for a ride

It’s nice to think about going for a walk by the water or watching a Sunday matinee, but if the weather is looking good and your legs are feeling fresh, sometimes, or maybe a lot of the time, you would both rather go for a ride than anything else.

washing machine

6. You have full laundry loads that are just cycling kit

There are two people’s worth of cycling kit in the laundry bin. There seems to perpetually be bibs drying on the drying rack. And bibs lying around in the bedroom. For some reason there are bibs beside the trainer too? And now you can’t find your heart rate monitor because you threw it in the laundry bin and it’s just full of straps and bibs. (Maybe it’s underneath the bibs by the trainer).

Clock on the bed in the morning.

7. You wake each other up for morning rides (or decide to sleep in together)

Waking up at 5am sucks. It sucks a little bit less if you know someone else is suffering through the grogginess with you. It’s also helpful to have someone to wake you back up if you start to drift off after turning off your alarm.

On the other hand, if it’s looking really cold out or the roads are damp and one of you decides they won’t be riding, it’s very easy to think about how the roads are, in fact, definitely looking pretty moist, and getting out of a warm bed full of someone to cuddle with might not be exactly what you want to do.

top view of wrapped presents in paper bag on blue tabletop

8. Holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts are always cycling related

It’s great to have someone who knows exactly which component you’ve been eyeing for months. Your non-cycling friends will be extremely confused about your excitement over what looks like an expensive piece of metal, but you’ll be elated that your partner bought you the crank-based power meter you’ve wanted forever.



9. You Joke about getting matching kit… (it would be kinda cute though)

You often joke about getting matching kit, and maybe you even have a pair of matching socks. You won’t actually go out and get the same items, but looking at Lea Davison and Frazier Blair you definitely get some ideas.