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Shimano announces new cycling footwear

Shimano has announced several new cycling-specific shoes to its line of footwear. With that lineup now totaling 71 models, designed for different uses, there's something for every rider.

The Shimano AM9 is part of the brand's new line of Gravity shoes. (All images provided)
The Shimano AM9 is part of the brand’s new line of Gravity shoes. (All images provided)

Shimano has announced several new cycling-specific shoes to its line of footwear. With that lineup now totaling 71 models, designed for different uses, there’s something for every rider.

Here’s a look at what today’s announcement means for the velo set.

Shimano Gravity

For: Downhill, enduro, and BMX racing.

Features: Three models make up the Gravity line of Shimano shoes. The AM9 All-Mountain shoe features a pedal channel in the outsole, making it easier to slot back into the pedal, as well as comfortable EVA foam construction and armoured lace shields. The black AM7 all-mountain and downhill shoe, with flat soles and a Vibram outsole for optimum pedal connectivity, also includes additional metatarsal protection from the elements. The SPD-compatible AM5 Gravity and BMX shoes focuses on comfort and protection, forgoing the lace shield to highlight a more street-inspired style.

Shimano MW7


For: Those intrepid enough to stay on their bikes all winter long.

Features: Two extra layers of defence against the winter elements, with an insulated, waterproof Gore-Tex liner and heat-retaining fleece insole. The Torbal torsional midsole provides a stiff instep section and an independently flexible front and back section, offering a natural flow and efficient power transfer to the areas of the foot that need it most. High-traction rubber studs on the sole’s outer edges grip securely to a range of terrains and conditions. Elsewhere, the foot is protected from any off-season conditions with a moulded toe cap and ankle support, cupped high sole and instep, and tough, padded synthetic leather.

Shimano RP2, RP3, RP5, RP9 and WR84 road shoes


For: Road warriors of all levels.

Features: Each shoe is a balance of sports engineering and comfort, since these are shoes you’ll likely spend hours in, whether at a gran fondo or in a road race. Each features Shimano’s trademark Dynalast construction, stylish design aesthetics, and synthetic leather finishes that can stand up to punishment. In addition to the strong but lightweight RP9, the RP5 is specifically designed with the new road rider in mind, featuring a securely rigid upper construction, a glass fibre-reinforced nylon sole, and ’round-the-clock comfort. The RP2 and RP3 include pro level features, designed for the club and recreational cyclist, such as a flexible arch and off-set straps to relieve tension across the top of the foot.

The WR84 shoe, finally, is designed exclusively for the unique needs of women’s feet, with a narrow contoured heel pocket, added instep support and narrower volume, while using the same Dynalast performance-enhancing design as the men’s RP shoes. A padded gloss synthetic leather Surround design adds up to all-day comfort, supporting long days in the saddle.

Shimano SH-WM64, SH-WM53, SH-WR84


For: Competitive women cross country riders.

Features: For all things off-road, the Dynalast technology used in the WM64 and WM53 shoes contour to specific fitting needs for women, including a narrow heel pocket, narrower volume with added instep support, and a lower volume toe box, meaning longer, faster and more comfortable rides.

Shimano XM9


For: Multi-season, all-condition adventure cyclists.

Features: This cycling shoe looks like a boot, and it’s designed to function like one. But it has the lightweight construction a cycling shoe needs. The XM9 combines lightweight, waterproof fabrics with a high-grip sole, and strategic construction designed to support the incomparable needs of riders who spend more time on their bikes than off them. Ankle padding serves as a bulwark against debris entering the shoe, while a durable rubber toe cap, natural nubuck leather and a breathable Gore-Tex liner offers additional protection. A cupped and groove insole secures your foot inside the shoe, while a Vibram outsole and other features carries a rider confidently over any terrain.