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2021 gift guide: Essentials for every rider

Here are some things all cyclists could use

The holidays are approaching fast and if you’re not sure what to get the cyclist in your life, worry not. There are a few things essentials every rider needs, no matter what kind of riding they do.

Stay seen, and warm, at night. Stay secure. Stay hydrated. And always carry the tools to get out of a jam.

Hydration Vehicles

The Rapha L39ion bidon ($22, rapha.cc) takes its name from the exciting L.A.-based squad that puts diversity and inclusion in cycling at the forefront of its mission. The bottle is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

The double-walled Rapha and Frank Green cup ($35) can hold 230 ml of coffee and sit in a bottle cage. The screw-top lid with its push-button seals in the java and prevents spills. The cup is an excellent vessel for getting your caffeine fix and doing your part to reduce waste.

The Rapha and Snow Peak titanium mug ($58) is perfect for bikepacking. It’s 68 g. The mug’s handles fold in, making it easier to store. Place it directly on a camp stove to heat up a beverage.

Kryptonite Incite X8

The feature-rich Kryptonite Incite X8 light ($235, kryptonitelock.com) has six light modes, an LCD display, side lighting and a get-home-safe feature, which sets the light to flash mode when the battery is less than 10 per cent. Instead of highlighting the light’s lumen output, Kryptonite focuses on the Incite’s luminesce, measured in lux. (One lux is equal to one lumen per square metre.) The light has lux of 80, which does a good job of illuminating the road 10 m ahead.

Magicshine Monteer 8000s Galaxy

For the rider who needs to light up a trail – like, really light it up – there’s the Magicshine Monteer 8000s Galaxy headlight ($599, livetoplaysports.com). The 8000 in the name is the massive number of lumens the Monteer can pump out, making almost every ripple in the trail visible at night. It has a maximum runtime of 32 hours on eco mode and 1.5 hours at the full 8,000 lumens. At 72 x 42 x 44 mm, it’s pretty compact. It only adds 431 g to a bike.

Pro Mini Tool Team CO2

The PRO Mini Tool Team CO2 multi-tool ($82, pro-bikegear.com) has the standard array of Torx and Allen keys, but also a connector tool that can help you maintain your Shimano Steps or Di2 system. The CO2 regulator lets you fix roadside flats quickly.

Bontrager BITS Integrated MTB tool

The Bontrager BITS Integrated MTB tool ($120, trekbikes.com) stows away in your bike’s steering tube. It’s simply out of sight. But if you take a look, you’ll see it has seven Allen keys, a Torx and flat-head screwdriver. There’s even a spot for storing quick links.

Mid-ride nutrition

The NamedSport HydraFit drink mix ($22, unoimports.com) will replace electrolytes, specifically magnesium and potassium, lost during hard efforts. The mix comes with a water bottle (not shown). The NamedSport Sport gel ($34 for a box of 15 25-ml packets) has electrolytes, too, as well as a hit of carbs to give you boost during a long ride. Näak is best known for its protein bars made with crickets. For the not-yet-ready-for-bugs types, there’s the Naak Ultra Energy bars ($35 for a box of 12 50-g bars, naakbar.com). Each one contains 7 g of plant-based protein, such as pea and soy.

Secure your ride

The beefy (almost 6 kg) Kryptonite New York 1217 chain and lock ($320, kryptonitelock.com) is made of 12-mm, six-sided, hardened steel links. For the lock itself, a double deadbolt holds the 14-mm-thick shackle. The company gives this chain and lock a security rating of 9/10, which will give a bike owner in any Canadian city some peace of mind.

For some lightweight security, say on a bikepacking trip or even a coffee stop, the Abus Bordo Lite 6055C Mini folding lock ($100, abus.com) is a top option. It weighs 440 g. Plastic-coated steel bars keep the paint on your bike’s frame from getting dinged when it is secured. After you set the four-digit code, the lock is ready to go.

Axiom Flascheguard fenders

The Axiom Flascheguard 700/50 fenders ($90, axiomgear.com) are made with recycled water-cooler bottles. The stays are recycled stainless steel. This set fits 700c tires as wide as 40c. The mounting system allows you to get the fenders on disc-brake bikes with thru-axles. The front fender even works with some suspension forks, keeping spray at bay.

Garneau Gel Attack gloves

The Garneau Gel Attack gloves ($40, garneau.com) will keep a rider’s paws warm throughout the shoulder seasons. The Drytex Thermal material blocks out the chill, while gel padding adds comfort on the bars. For safety, there are reflective elements.