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3 top saddles for road, trail and gravel riding

Seats for a range of budgets

With so many options on the market, picking a saddle can be a difficult choice to make. Here are three 2021 saddles that could work for a variety of riders.

PRO Stealth Sport photo: Hiep Vu

PRO Stealth Sport ($180)

With PRO Stealth Sport’s massive pressure-relieving cut-outs and snub-nosed shape, the saddle clearly targets riders who prefer an aggressive aerodynamic forward position. PRO specs a carbon base to keep the weight down, while chromoly rails strike the perfect balance between low weight and long-term durability. Like many other PRO saddles, the Stealth Sport is compatible with various PRO saddle accessories, such as a tool bracket, fender, camera mount and race-number plate. Read more…

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Giant Romero SL photo: Hiep Vu

Giant Romero SL ($110)

The Romero, Giant’s high-performance saddle for trail and enduro riding, packs several features that will appeal to riders of these disciplines. It uses Giant’s Side-Flex technology, which allows movement that minimizes abrasion and reduces impact on the inner thighs during fast, technical descents. For comfort, Giant employs its unique Particle Flow construction. It consists of free-flowing, high-elastic particles. These particles conform and adapt to the rider’s body for superior cushioning and comfort. Supporting all this tech is a nylon/glass fibre shell that adds enough flex for all-day riding comfort.

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Fizik Terra Argo X3 photo:Hiep Vu

Fizik Terra Argo X3 ($205)

With the popularity of gravel bikes, it’s not surprising that Fizik has designed the Terra Argo X3 specifically for that market. Fizik starts with a short saddle platform that allows riders to sit farther forward without increasing pressure on sensitive tissue. A centre channel also reduces pressure and ensures greater comfort on longer rides. Throw in a flexible shell that minimizes the transmission of trail impacts, and it’s clear that the Terra Argo X3 is ideal for epic gravel rides. Since gravel riding goes hand in hand with sloppy, wet conditions, Fizik adds a unique mud flap and drain in the centre channel. This simple design tweak allows you to stay drier and more comfortable.

This story originally appeared in the April/May 2021 issue of Canadian Cycling Magazine