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A checklist to get your bike ready for the season ahead in the greenest way possible

Spring is here, so it’s time to get your ride in order

A clean bike will make your ride that much better…and smoother. It’s like a new haircut. Riding can take a toll on your bike, and now is the best time to give it a onceover, top to bottom. That doesn’t mean just a quick spray and new handlebar tape. The bike has lots of moving parts and you’re going to want to make sure they are rolling smoothly and cleanly.

Of course, a lot of bike maintenance will revolve around a variety of cleaning and maintenance products, from grease to chain lube. Using these products has always been a necessary evil, you might say, but Muc-Off is trying to change the way that bike maintenance is performed, in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Enter Project Green, a new concept of bike products which has the environment in mind.

Project Green

The goal is to keep this planet around for the next generation. “Protect our playground for future shredders,” is Muc-Off’s motto when it comes to the environment.

Muc-Off has a multi-tiered commitment to doing their part to make cycling maintenance products as clean as possible. In 2019 they pledged to save 30 tonnes of plastic by next year. Already by 2021, they’d saved 94. The commitment to the environment began a decade ago when they launched their in-store refill stations. So instead of just buying a new container each time, you can bring your used lube jar and fill it up. Re-using is one of the best things you can do to reduce waste.

The company realized that they had to do more than just that. Their famous Nano Tech Bike Cleaner Concentrate is now available with far less plastic. They also looked at the specific formulae of some of their products. Take the multi-use spray MO-94. Just like all of their products, they removed PTFEs (Polytetrafluoroethylenes) from it. PTFEs are one of the worst causes of harm to wildlife. When the product ends up in the water sources, it hits them hard.

Since grease is a big part of keeping your bike running smoothly, Muc-Off has also worked to make their grease biodegradable. Their Bio Grease is not a petroleum-based oil, so the grease will break down naturally.

Are you wondering what the best way to get your bike ready for the spring? Here’s an easy checklist to get your going.

Clean your bike

1. If your ride has had a tough winter,  it’s a simple process to get it ready.

2. Spray drivetrain cleaner onto your chain and cassette. You’ll want a bristled brush to get in there.

Spring cleaning

2. Next up, give your chain a deep cleanse.

3. Now, it’s time to get your hose out and give your bike a little pre-rinse.

Spring Cleaning

4. Coat your bike with cleaner. Top to bottom.

5. Using a sponge, get the cleaner spread out and on all the tubes, curves and crevices. Scrubbed gloves can help.

6. Wait 5 minutes. Let the cleaner do its thing.

7. Rinse the bike clean, but don’t aim your sprayer at anywhere there are bearings.

Protect your bike

1. Spray on some bike protect to your bike, but be sure not to get it on any braking surfaces.

2. Wunder shine can provide amazing protection for your bike.

3. If you’ve got carbon components you’ll want to use some Carbon gripper. For your moving parts, squeeze in some Bio Grease.

Lube your bike

1. Always apply at least 15 minutes before you ride.

2. Wipe away any excess with a cloth. You can pedal your cranks with your hand and run the chain through the cloth.
Dry lubes are best used three-four hours before your ride.

Get out and ride!

Once you’ve followed these simple steps, you should be good to go! Now get in your kit, hit the road and enjoy a summer of great riding.

This story was presented by Muc-Off