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Campagnolo announces “MyCampy,” an app made to optimize cycling from top to bottom

Image: Provided
Image: Provided

Campagnolo has made a number of innovative leaps over the years, with gear ranging from the first 11-speed transmission to the first complete wheelset, as well as other products that, put together, have long supported untold numbers of cyclists in a physical sense. What the cycling company hasn’t introduced, though, is a system to optimize the overall cycling experience itself, much less a free one that can fit in the palm of your hand.

That, in essence, is what Campagnolo’s new MyCampy App — soon to be available for both iOS and Android users — is meant to do.

It’s all about packing as much efficiency as possible into a handheld, mobile product, while providing a full, comprehensive picture of a rider’s cycling from the broadest analysis to the tiniest detail. Cycling activity is monitored and optimized while gear is managed, whether that means keeping track of your fleet or their parts, or both. From a PC, smartphone or tablet, features permit a range of useful functions specific to the Campagnolo brand.

Some of those features, available now for download, include:


This feature of the MyCampy app keeps track of all your cycling equipment, giving you complete information about how many kilometers you’ve put on each component, wheel, chain or cassette, and when your gear needs to be maintained, all in the interest of keeping your ride moving like new.


How to know you live in the future: that the idea of connecting your wireless devices to your drivetrain actually exists. That’s what MyEPS does, allowing you to interact in a 360-degree manner with the Campagnolo electronic drivetrain to serve a variety of functions. Real-time diagnostics for each component, the ability download and install new firmware, and the option to customize commands are among the capabilities of this app.


This app doesn’t just look at your overall performance in the saddle, it provides a detailed analysis of each component’s function in affecting that performance, too. While providing information about different specific segments of your ride, the feature provides summaries right down to each gear shift, and offers tips about how to better improve your overall efficiency. It makes significant use of the V3 EPS Interface.

The app also includes newsfeeds of information from Campagnolo, providing race results, information on events, and other points of interest for users. MyCampy is currently in its late development stage before being released, with an official launch expected later in fall.