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Adidas launches SPD adaptable Samba shoes

The Velosamba, a two-bolt compatible urban cycling shoe, works with the fit

Photo by: Adidas

All cyclists who have considered adding clipless pedals to their commuters have faced an inevitable decision: foot retention or fashion. That’s not to say that all cycling shoes are ugly, but generally speaking they don’t really match most people’s everyday fashion. Thankfully, Adidas has a solution.

On Monday, Adidas announced the release of the Velosamba, a SPD two-bolt clipless shoe that looks like its classic Samba shoe. The Velosamba is the the second cycling-specific shoe the company has released in the past few months, following the ‘Road Cycling Shoe‘, which was launched in December.

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photo: Adidas


photo: Adidas

Not since the Shimano SPD sandal has a cycling shoe been so perfectly balanced in casual looks and actual functionality. Visually, without looking at the bottom of the shoe it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a traditional Adidas Samba shoe and the Velosamba.

Internally, the shoe has a full-length nylon insole to increase stiffness. The shoes incorporate subtle hi-vis detailing that will reflect in low-light conditions, and a water-resistant coated leather upper.

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photo: Adidas

“Following the launch of The Road Shoe which represented our return to road cycling footwear, the Velosamba draws on our street style heritage and expertise in cycling to bring something truly unique to cyclists,” says Celine Del Genes, general manager of specialist sports at Adidas. “Our ambition is to cater to the needs of a rapidly developing new cycling culture by creating accessible high-quality products that empower more people to clip in and ride.”

The “new cycling culture” she references is a rapidly developing market of younger cyclists that many large brands are trying to tap into amid a cycling boom.

Urban riding

The Velosamba is available in four different colours: black, cream, acid yellow and navy.

photo: Adidas

These shoes, paired with a dual platform pedal (and perhaps switched out with the Shimano SPD sandals for warmer days) could make city riding even more enjoyable. Unfortunately for Canadians, as of right now the Velosambas are currently only available in the UK for £100.