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Aratech’s BARC speeder bike: Quick and nimble with plenty of firepower

A nice ride no matter what side you're on

The Aratech Repulsor Company has released its Biker Advanced Recon Commando (BARC) speeder bike. If you’re looking for a change from say, Kuat’s Undicur-class jumpspeeder, this might be for you.

The speeder was popular with many of the clone troopers and has increased firepower, as well as speed and mobility. But it’s also perfect to use on scouting missions, hunting down Jedi, or even a bike packing trip to say the Naboo planet or the forest moon of Endor.


The BARC speeder comes in at 4.6 m long, with a width of 1.29 m, so it’s ideal for squeezing between trees in heavily forested areas. Its height is 1.53 m, so if you’re a fan of crouching to get a little more aero for increased fuel efficiency. With gas prices skyrocketing, and if you’re low on credits, every bit counts. (Thanks Palpatine!)

The speeder comes in a simple but sharp white and red design, but there’s plenty of ways to upgrade those colours if you know someone. There’s a young man on Mos Eisley who is apparently a whiz with machines at Watto’s junk shop.

Additional features

There’s also a few options if you’re looking for some after market accessories. There are optional support struts, which means you can add a sidecar if you feel like bringing a smaller-sized droid or Ewok. The sidecar does come with weight restrictions, it ain’t built for a Hutt, if you follow. The Cargo capacity maxes out at 5 tons.

The design of the BARC is heavily influenced by the Ripper that was made by one of Aratech’s competitor, Mobquet. Its sleek frame is bolstered by Light blaster cannons and Antipersonnel light lasers, perfect if you’re the kind of rider that always seems to have a bounty on your head. The bike is also compatible with SPD, Look or Wahoo pedals.


In terms of velocity, the BARC can get up to 520 km/h, so it’s no Pod Racer, but it will get you to the Cantina and back with plenty of time to give your droid an oil bath and relax with a glass of refreshing blue milk.

Price and availability

Aractech’s BARC speeder bike comes in at 9,500 credits, unless you are on Tatooine, where those credits will not be accepted.