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As demand for bikes increases, online retailer Cycling Avenue is thriving

The reconditioned bike company is a leading platform in the circular economy

As spring comes fully into bloom and Canadians search for safer means of solo transit and exercise, bike sales have exploded. To ensure minimal face to face contact, many bike shops have moved their sales online. Cycling Avenue, an online retailer of reconditioned bicycles, has always been online only, and they’ve seen a jump in sales as of late.

Although Cycling Avenue was only launched in 2019, even before the pandemic the company was already experiencing massive growth as an online bicycle retailer. The company has projected more than 2,000 transactions in 2020.

Bikes given new life

Cycling Avenue was developed by the owners of Golf Avenue, an online retailer of reconditioned golf products. The company uses a similar model with bikes as they do with golf products.

More than 200 bike shops throughout Canada have partnered with Cycling Avenue as part of its procurement network. Bikes of all types, particularly road and triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid models and e-bicycles, are checked over with a 30-point mechanical inspection as part of the reconditioning process. The bikes are cleaned, adjusted and components are replaced.

photo: Cycling Avenue

A safe way to shop

“In the current context, Cycling Avenue allows outdoor enthusiasts to make their purchases online in total safety in the comfort of their homes,” says Pierre-Luc Laparé, President and co-founder of Cycling Avenue and Golf Avenue. “In a few clicks, the customers make their choice and confirm their orders, which will be delivered to them a few days later, with no delivery charge.”

Cycling Avenue website traffic has increased tenfold since December, likely due to the increase of people shopping online. In May the company will be launching a spare parts sales service so that customers can also order components, such as wheels, tires, tubes, handlebars and reflectors online.

The usual 30-day warranty on bikes has been extended to 60 days during the COVID-19 pandemic.The company also offers online customer service support before and after customers purchase a bike. Reps advise customers on choosing their bicycles, inform them about the technical specifications of the different models and assist them during the bicycle’s final assembly steps.

Circular economy

The company is working to become as environmentally friendly as possible— They are currently researching ways to reuse cardboard bike boxes and minimize their carbon footprint even more.

A circular economy is a system designed to eliminate as much waste as possible. Instead of disposing of used bikes, they are reconditioned and sold to a new owner, reducing the environmental impact of the goods.

“A reconditioned bicycle costs 30 per cent to 50 per cent less than a similar new model available in stores,”says Laparé. “Our team is proud to offer a sustainable alternative to cyclists who want a quality product, inspected and guaranteed by certified mechanics.”