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Bianchi adds disc brakes to aero Oltre XR3

Disc brakes are now available on Bianchi's aerodynamic road frame

Bianchi Oltre XR3 Disc

Bianchi Oltre XR3 Disc

Italian bike manufacturer Bianchi has introduced flat mount disc brakes to their aero road bike the Oltre XR3. The frame was originally released last year and features Countervail technology for a smoother ride. Disc brakes are becoming favoured by more and more riders because of their greater stopping power and modulation, especially in adverse weather conditions. The Oltre XR3 Disc has 12 mm thru axles and is compatible with 140 mm and 160 mm rotors which are becoming the standards the industry is abiding by.

With the addition of disc brakes, the Oltre XR3 Disc can accommodate 28 mm tires giving riders greater choice in how they want to ride. An all-weather aero bike with 28 mm tires is competent for gravel excursions but also capable of cutting the wind for pure speed on the flats. The disc brakes make the bike even more confident on descents with Bianchi saying disc brakes can help riders maintain greater overall speeds and control through corners.

Bianchi claims the addition of disc brakes to their aero frame does not adversely affect the benefits of its wind-cheating features. Bianchi say the new fork and frame are an integrated design as testing was done to ensure the rotors and calipers did not interfere with the streamlined shapes that help make the Oltre aerodynamic.

Countervail is a patented technology originally developed for military and aerospace applications which uses a special resin and carbon layup t reduce vibrations. Countervail can be found in Bianchi’s top-end bikes like the lightweight Specialissima, the aero Oltre XR4 and the endurance-oriented Infinito CV.