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Behold: The ultimate bike build

Society may not be ready for this futuristic technology

Photo by: Instagram/Bicyclepubes

We have finally reached the peak of the gravel/bikepacking/1x/touring bike builds. Well known Instagram user @bicyclepubes just posted his incredible build made in collaboration with custom bike builder Gustav Gullholm (@dangerholm).

Dubbed DangerPubes, Bicyclepubes describes the bike as “The ultimate in backwoods bike-lo-pack technology.” Both accounts have been teasing the project since October, posting a number of updates on the build.

The bike, a Scott Scale “carbonium” frame with “zittyzit fork”, was built using a revolutionary weight saving technique, described as “bolting all the shit directly to the shit.” The fork features never before seen Quick Release Banana and Baguette Technology (QRBBT) and a direct-mount spare tube.

A unique baked bean holder can be found on the seat tube, for quick access the second beans cross your mind. Across from it sits a gold plated Elite bottle cage.

photo: @Bicyclepubes

Foot retention is important, and what is more powerful than the strap of a Croc.

photo: @Bicyclepubes

The dual handlebar system is described by Gullholm as an: “X-Wing handle bar system with lower Death(star) grip for optimal aero tuckytuck.”

photo: @Bicyclepubes

The DangerPubes bike has 40-13 gearing, which Bicyclepubes says only works because of “the horrifying lack of bite from the Kettle carbon rotors.”

photo: @Bicyclepubes

This bike features a riser seat post (or not-a-dropper or heightener seat post)—basically the opposite of a dropper seat post. The rider can pedal comfortably in a lower position then pop up to a high position for perfect Instagram photos.

photo: @Bicyclepubes

“The world isn’t ready for any of this,” says Bicyclepubes, “so Gustav is probably gonna have to destroy it like the necklace from the Hobbit movie. I did very little to bring this masterpiece into existence and I thank @dangerholm for his hard work and absurd parts bin.”