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The weirdest mechanicals on the internet

JustRidingAlong is a collection of 'some of the most egregious user-error and bad luck damage on bicycles' and related posts

/r/JustRidingAlong is a great place to go if you’re feeling down about the state of your bike. The subreddit is full of posts illustrating mechanicals and neglected bikes with weird problems. It also works as a great motivator to bring your bike in for a tune up.

Just riding along with my chain tensioner from r/Justridingalong

Hmmm…. from r/Justridingalong

Officially the subreddit is described as “Pictures and stories of some of the most egregious user-error and bad luck damage on bicycles.”

Shim…….ano from r/Justridingalong

Most of the posters are bike shop employees, shocked at the state some bike come to the shop in.

“Past few rides my chains been slipping” from r/Justridingalong

Other posters are people who have a ridiculous mechanical.

My friend was riding along on his fixie when a seagull flew into his chain and wheel, the bird got torn apart and he was thrown over the handle bars. Thankfully he wears a helmet but it’s a crazy story. from r/Justridingalong

Some take a weird pride in their strange setups

You call that a mullet??? This is a mullet.. Monster truck in the front, XC in the back WOO! from r/Justridingalong

There are also posts from people who see a questionable bike in the wild.

Mmmmmm that saddle from r/Justridingalong

Some modifications are fun.

Drilled through from r/Justridingalong

Some are weird.

Need more hand positions? from r/Justridingalong

This post is heartwarming.

Old timer wanted his cane wrapped with bar tape. from r/Justridingalong

Unfortunate mechanicals hurt to look at.

I’m getting a creaking sound and the shifting is a little off . from r/Justridingalong

Added some suspension to my gravel bike last night from r/Justridingalong

The biggest takeaway from /r/JustRidingAlong is to take good care of your bike, before it ends up like this.

Handle bar with a window. from r/Justridingalong

Oil your chain, folks. from r/Justridingalong

“My bottom bracket is making a noise” from r/Justridingalong