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Pinarello launches two new, very fast, and very expensive track frames

Italian brand claims the Bolide F HR 3D and Bolide HR C to be the fastest high-performance 3D-printed bike ever made

Pinarello launches two new, very fast, and very expensive track frames Photo by: @sprintcyclingagency

On Monday, Pinarello introduced two upgraded versions of its Hour Record-winning Bolide F HR bikes, aiming to boost the Italian track cycling teams’ performance at the Paris 2024 Olympics. The men’s team, current Olympic champions, will ride the 3D-printed Bolide F HR 3D, while the women’s team will ride custom carbon Bolide HR C models.

Originally designed for Filippo Ganna’s Hour Record on Oct. 8, 2022, the Bolide F HR 3D achieved a record-breaking distance of 56.792km in Grenchen, Switzerland. Ganna continued his success by breaking the 4km individual pursuit world record at sea level during the UCI track world championships the following week, clocking 3 minutes and 59.636 seconds.

Narrower forks to reduce drag

Developed with the University of Adelaide and NablaFlow, the AirStream technology integrates AeroNodes inspired by humpback whale flippers onto the seat tube and post to streamline airflow disrupted by rider leg movements. According to Pinarello, the AirFoil sections on the bottom bracket and wheel hubs leverage the UCI’s relaxation of the 3:1 rule, focusing on aspect ratios up to 8:1 for improved performance.

The new frames opt for narrow forks and seat stays to reduce overall drag, prioritizing weight reduction for speed gains. Handlebar geometry optimization stems from extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) testing in collaboration with NablaFlow, utilizing their AeroCloud software on AWS for efficient design iterations. Pinarello says that these measures collectively aim to enhance aerodynamics and propel riders faster on the track.

“As an iconic Italian brand, we could not be prouder to work with the Italian track team, who like us, are continuing to push the boundaries of athletic performance,” Fausto Pinarello said. “We have invested a lot to produce six 3D-printed scalmalloy bikes for the male riders and six carbon fibre versions for the women, including three separate sized molds.”

Scalmalloy is a combination of scandium, aluminum and magnesium alloy.

Fausto Pinarello says that the hope is that the men will defend their Olympic title on the track this summer and our super-strong women’s team also succeed in their quest for gold. “We’ve done everything we can to give them the best-possible chance,” he said.

They certainly look and sound fast, but they ain’t cheap. The Bolide F HR 3D and Bolide HR C frames are priced at €28,750 and €12,500, which works out to be around $42,000 and $18,400 respectively. They are available now at Pinarello.com