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Rocky Mountain announce the 2017 Growler and Reaper

A versatile bike for growing youth and an affordable plus-sized alloy hardtail

dane_jakob_jewett_paris_gore_PG_160525_rocky_772 Vancouver-based Rocky Mountain has expanded their line-up of mountain bikes with the announcement of a versatile full-suspension mountain bike for young riders and an affordable hardtail alloy mountain bike that can accommodate plus-sized tires. The Reaper is a youth trail full suspension mountain bike that can be converted from 24″ wheels to 26″ wheels while the Growler is plus sized alloy hardtail.

Rocky Mountain say the Reaper with 130-mm travel features the same aggressive trail performance found in Rocky Mountain’s Thunderbolt and Altitude full suspension bikes but in a smaller package for young riders. The bike is designed to tear up singletrack, rip down technical descents, and knock out bike park laps all day long. Additionally, to make the bike more versatile and fit kids and their younger siblings for longer, the bikes wheels can be easily converted from 24″ wheels to 26″ wheels. This feature ensures a longevity of use for young riders until they grow into adult sized frames. dane_jakob_jewett_paris_gore_PG_160525_rocky_73 To adjust to the different weight and ride styles the bike has Rocky Mountains’ RIDE-9 system which uses two interlocking chip inserts to adjust geometry and suspension characteristics to allow riders to tune their bikes to their specific riding styles, terrain and weight. The bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on both models to provide performant stopping power. The bike is available in two models with 24″ and 26″ wheels but as they are built around the same frame they both feature the interchangeability that makes them an attractive buy. margus-riga-eric-lawrenuk_MRP5357 The Growler features the ability to run high volume 27.5-plus tires and incorporates the latest trends in trail geometry to provide an agile and stable ride but at an accessible price point. With good nimble handling and more traction provided by the ability to run big tires, the bike helps get you up steep climbs and is are more forgiving when you take aggressive lines down the trail. The alloy build makes the bike more affordable but still boast solid performance.

The Reaper with 24″ wheels will be available for US$1,800 in November, and the 26″ version will cost US$2,300. The affordable Growler 730 is priced at US$899 while the Growler 740 will be priced at US$1,250 and Growler 750 will be available for US$1,700.