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Someone built a 130-kg fully functional concrete bike and it’s wild

The radical ride is the first of its kind

Photo by: Play To DIY

You may have thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to weird and wacky bikes, but today that changes. The people at Play To DIY took two months in constructing the first-ever concrete bike. It’s no lightweight, coming in at 134.5 kg, but the construction process is super interesting, as is documented in the video below. “We made the first concrete functional bike in the whole world, it’s crazy! Its weight of 134.5 kg makes it very unusual but its construction process is extremely entertaining, we experimented a lot to show you this result and I hope you enjoy it.”

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The group said they were inspired by lots of different bike brands that are outside of the box. “We are inspired by ideas and channels like the following: On ideas like Cycling on ice, Hubless Bicycle, Fat Scooter, also fatbike, also in how to make an electric bike, wooden bike, in the crazy bike modifications, chainless bicycle, ideas about concrete in mini house from concrete, other bike ideas like super speed bike, bike restorations, Invisible Wheels, maximum speed bike, on channels like The Q, OUROBOROS ARQ, filipo tv.”