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Bontrager Circuit WaveCel road helmet

Lightweight and sleek lid with plenty of cool features

Looking for a lightweight and versatile helmet for racing or commuting? The Circuit WaveCel road bike helmet might be for you. It’s a super versatile helmet that is light, cool, and sleek. Plus, it comes with the popular WaveCel advanced helmet technology along with the convenience of magnetic mounts for lights or a GoPro.

How WaveCel works

If you haven’t heard about WaveCel, it’s a collapsible cellular structure that lines the inside of Bontrager helmets. It’s been designed to be more effective than traditional foam helmets in protecting your head from injuries caused by certain cycling accidents. The idea is a three-step process if you fall. First, the cells flex to reduce the initial frictional forces if you hit the deck. Then, the cells will actually crumple, just like a car bumper upon impact. Then, the helmet glides to redirect energy away from your head.

Fits like a glove, if a glove was a helmet

Using the same tech you may have seen on shoes, the helmet uses the BOA fit System. It;s something you’ll notice as soon as you put it on your head. Super comfortable and snug. Once you have it on, you can do a quick adjustment and you’ll forget the 355 g helmet is even on your head.

The lightweight semi-fixed strap dividers will lay flat on your face by way a single strap and then you can move fore and aft to get into an ideal position under your chin.

Comfort is also the result of the super soft helmet pads. On a hot day they will do the job of wicking moisture, and are easy to remove for a quick wash.

Mount system

If you want to have increased visibility when it’s dark, or even during the day, the Blendr magnetic mount system easily integrates Bontrager lights. You will have to only use the Bontrager lights, and they are sold separately. Like many helmets these days, the Circuit also comes with reflective elements on the back of the helmet for enhanced visibility.

You can also fasten a GoPro camera on top so you can review your rides after. If you don’t want to use the mount system, you can pop them off from the rear or top of the helmet and put them aside.

It comes in five colours: white, yellow, matte black, red and blue, so you have lots of options to be matchy-matchy with your favourite kit and bike.