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Campagnolo brings back updated version of Hyperon Ultra wheelset

Super lightweight and reactive, designed for performance

Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra

On Thursday, Campagnolo revived the Hyperon wheels, debuting the Hyperon Ultra, a lightweight, performance wheelset. Weighing just 1240g, the new set is aimed for the high performance cyclist looking for wheels that are not only light, but feel responsive when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle.

Stiffness with responsiveness

The Hyperon Ultra wheelset are made using Campagnolo’s proprietary method, the handmade ultra-light carbon process. Campagnolo says the H.U.L.C method creates an improved balance between the carbon fibre and resin, resulting in increased stiffness. This is Campagnolo’s first rim to use only one join, as opposed to four as on their other wheels. The rim depth is 37 mm, which the company believes is a suitable compromise between aero, and climbing. Not too deep, not too shallow.

Performance and stability

According to Campagnolo, the Hyperon Ultra was made with the ancient Greek magic ratio in mind. In terms of wheel creation, that means the trinity of being lightweight, aero, as well as  responsive. The earlier version of the Hyperons were more of a climbing wheel, however the updated version is aimed at all-around performance. They aren’t quite as aero as the their Bora brothers, so they’re meant to be more versatile. Flats, hills, even some bumpy roads. Speaking of Bora, the new Hyperon Ultras are not meant to sit beneath them in the company’s wheel hierarchy. In fact, they are still at the top tier, sitting beside Bora, not below. They are meant to give a rider an additional choice when it comes to high performance wheels.

In fact, you may have seen these wheels already on the bikes of some WorldTour riders. Pros have tested the wheels this season, and Campagnolo said that a few races have already been won on them.

The Hyperon Ultra hubs come with Campagnolo’s Head-2-Bay total tension management system. These are made in order  to stop spoke inelastic shearing, as well as to bolster power transference.  The spokes feature a ball in socket format, which creates micromovements.  So whenever the wheel is flexing from bumps on the road, braking or increases in speed, the spokes are not weakened. Essentialy, the tiny movements within the socket will dissipate extra tension on the wheel. The hubs are also thinner than some of Campy’s other wheels, all in the name of shaving some weight.

The Hyperon Ultra wheelset is finished with Campagnolo’s C-Lux coating, which makes a slick, fast-looking high-gloss look. But it’s not only for the appearance. The process also eliminates the need for additional lacquer, which means additional weight savings. That being said, all that lightness and performance is going to cost you.

Campagnolo Hyperon Ultra,  $US 4,100 2WFit version, $US 4,350 Tubular version

Key Specifications

• Weight: 1240g 2WF, 1160g Tubular
• Profile depth: 37mm
• Inner width: 21mm
• Front axle: 12 x 100mm
• Rear axle: 12 x 142mm
• External width: 27mm
• Spokes: F21, R24
• Rim diameter: 700c
• Braking system: AFS Disc
• Bearings: CULT Ceramic
• Freehub compatibility: N3W LIGHT, XDR, HG