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6 gloves that will have you riding through the winter

From lobster claws mitts to light knits, this selection has the right covering for your hands when the conditions are crummy

Image: Matt Stetson

Remember the days of sunshine and bib shorts? They all seem so long ago now. But as the snow arrives and the temperatures drop, embrace the winter. From flip-top gloves to portable heaters for your hands, and everything in between, here’s a look at the various glove designs that will keep your fingers toasty until spring.

Racer E-Glove 3

Anyone who has tried Racer’s E-Glove will know that this isn’t a typical heated glove. Instead of blasting your cold fingers with heat, and essentially causing more discomfort in the process, the E-Glove is designed to create and maintain a comfortable temperature. The heat is regulated at regular intervals, (1 minute, 30 seconds and 15 seconds, depending on the power setting) to ensure a steady temperature. Better still, the new E-Glove 3 is now waterproof and comes with a better battery life now as well.

Showers Pass Crosspoint Flip Mitts

If staying warm is the ultimate goal, but you often need to use your hands, the Showers Pass Crosspoint flip mitts are for you. The ultralight, synthetic insulation and merino lining keeps your hands warm and cosy while the unique magnetic gasket closure offers quick access to your fingertips. These mitts are perfect for commuting, the waterproof and breathable Artex layer resists light rain and slushy snow. The rubberized palm makes the glove super durable, too.

Dissent 133 Ultimate Cycling Pack

Wave goodbye to the expensive deep winter gloves that are suitable for just a few rides a year and reach for the Dissent 133 Ultimate Cycling Pack, a lightweight, waterproof, windproof layered combo. Designed for changeable mid-ride conditions, be that a result of moody weather or mountainous terrain, the set comes with 11 lightweight combinations for incredible adaptability. Dissent 133 uses what it calls its three-part layered glove system, which is designed to protect you no matter the conditions outside.

Sugoi Zap Subzero Split

The Sugoi Zap Subzero Split gloves might look a bit quirky, but there is a reason to group your fingers into twos. The idea behind the lobster gloves is that your fingers share their heat with a partner, as with mitts, but you have greater dexterity thanks to the split. The internal waterproof bladder keeps your fingers snug and dry and the reflective Zap detailing on the back of the hand will make you more visible on those cold winter evenings.

45NRTH Nokken

Perfect for milder winter conditions, the 45NRTH Nokken glove is both water- and wind-resistant. An adjustable neoprene cuff and lightweight softshell fabric provide ample protection, without overheating. The glove all you to have excellent dexterity, too – essential when you are grabbing brakes or shifting gears.

Showers Pass Knit Gloves

Warm and comfortable, like a regular knitted glove, the Showers Pass knit gloves are made with a Coolmax moisture-wicking antibacterial weave and waterproof yet breathable Artex membrane. It all keeps your hands dry and comfortable while the silicone print on the palm offers you grip in the wettest of conditions. Don’t let cold hands get in the way of foul-weather fun.