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Chpt. III’s sophisticated spring riding collection

Castelli and David Millar deliver distinguished style and performance for spring, fall and winter rides.

Chpt. III Castelli

Chpt. III Castelli

Premium fabrics, fit and style is the name of the game with Chpt. III’s cold weather riding apparel. The line of clothing, produced by Castelli and designed in collaboration with David Millar, offers exceptional performance in a distinguished package that wouldn’t look out of place on the racks of a designer outlet.

Chpt. III Long Sleeve Wool Baselayer


When it’s cold out, wool is the way to go. This long sleeve base layer uses a wool fabric with a nylon core which makes it better for performance cycling clothing. Breathable, warm and distinguishly stylish, the Chpt. III Long Sleeve Wool Baselayer was a star on my early season rides. The fabric is very comfortable with the right amount of stretch but the fabric feels really durable and strong. On hard rides it wicked moisture very well and in the cold it kept me comfortably warm. The cut isn’t skin tight and the details on the base layer make it a nice piece even off the bike. 

Chpt. III Rocka Mk2 Jacket


A cycling jacket so nice I was would wear it off the bike and still look spot on. The Rocka was one of the original pieces in the Chpt. III collection when it was launched in 2016. The Rocka Mk2 jacket uses many of the same fabrics as the Gabba to repel rain and wind which helped keep me warm and dry on rides. The deep navy colour with the bright orange wrap collar and interior is a striking aesthetic design, especially for such a technically sophisticated piece of apparel. The button collar adds protection in foul weather. Millar says the jacket was inspired by motorcycling culture and it’s unique design definitely makes it stand out, especially against other cycling gear. It’s not fit like race kit instead favouring a more relaxed fit which suited my riding style perfectly. This jacket is perfect for long days in the saddle or short coffee rides with protection that will keep you comfortably riding into the negative temperatures to about 10 C. I always enjoyed unzipping the jacket a bit to unveil the orange interior and get a bit of a breeze when climbing or when it began to warm up a bit.

Chpt. III bib tights


The Chpt. III are the most technically sophisticated bib tights I have ever ridden in. A perfect cut and even better fabric selection in specific panels made them perform flawlessly. The upper of the bib tights is an insulated Thermo fleece fabric for warmth while the lower leg is a lighter weight Lycra that conformed comfortably to my skin. It balances performance, weather protection and comfort perfectly. The idea is to mimic a thermal bib short with leg warmers in one piece of apparel. Considering full fleece bib tights are so often too warm and leg warmers not always the most comfortable, this is a genius solution.  I really like the elastic on the bottom of the leg, it’s a solution far better than a zipper, but my only complaint was that I had to be delicate to get my big feet through them. Castelli’s chamois are some of my favourite ensuring the whole package delivered.

Chpt. III winter sock


If you are going for a Chpt. III kit, don’t forget the socks. They have a wonderful design, are very comfortable and match the rest of the outfit to perfection. These wool socks have three season functionality and the upper is made from merino wool and silk for softness. While sufficiently warm for me to ride without shoe covers below 10 C, they are quite thin so don’t change the fit of your shoes like thicker socks made for skiing or other sports might.


With very minimal logos, impeccable style and performance fabrics, Castelli’s Chpt. III collection delivers across the spectrum. The Chpt. III is a collection for the sophisticated cyclist looking for top-performing gear. Whether over the colder months of the year, in the mountains or even off the bike, Chpt. III will elevate your style and rides.