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How to safely and properly lock your E-bike

Using a the right lock and some tips and tricks to keep your E-bike secure

In 2020 bike theft continues to be a problem in urban centres. The growing group of Canadian E-bikes users have become a major target of bike thieves, but there are methods to deter those who would attempt to steal your method of transit. Here are some methods for keeping your style of E-bike safely locked, and some additional tips for locking up any type of E-bike.

Standard E-bikes

E-bike locked with the Kryptonite Keeper 790 combo chain and the Keeper 585 combo folding lock

When locking a standard e-bike, a chain will provide enough flexibility to ensure you’re able to lock your frame and your rear wheel. A lock such as the Kryptonite Evolution 1090 Mini Integrated Chain has the flexibility to lock to a variety of  bike post styles while maintaining heavy-duty safety. The Kryptonite Keeper 790 Combo Chain (pictured above) is a more lightweight chain choice that works well for a road or fitness bike and doesn’t require a key to lock up.

Folding locks are a great way to add an additional layer of security. They work as either a moderate security lock that loops through the frame and rear wheel or as a secondary lock to secure the front wheel to the frame. Folding locks, such as the Kryptonite Keeper 585 Combo Folding Lock (pictured above), are lightweight and can be mounted easily to the bike.

Cargo E-bikes

Cargo E-bikes are longer than standard E-bikes, and can be tricky to secure if you don’t have the right lock. Commuter cargo bikes have a very busy rear area, so a chain lock such as the Kryptonite New York Cinch Ring Chin 1275 (pictured above) is best suited to weave through the frame and the rear wheel. This high security chain is rated 9/10 on Kryptonite’s security rating system, and falls under the company’s anti-theft protection offer, in this case insuring registered bicycles with a value up to $4,000.

For added peace of mind, it’s best to lock up the front wheel on cargo E-bikes as well. With standard front-loaded cargo E-bikes, a U-lock such as the Kryptonite Evolution LS U-Lock will keep the front wheel secure. For commuter cargo bikes, a chain lock such as the Kryptonite Krytolok 912 Combo Chain or a folding lock such as the Kryptolok 610 Folding Lock (pictured below) will keep the front wheel protected and secure.

E-bike locking tips

E-bikes vary drastically by model but there are some locking strategies that are useful for all E-bike owners.


1. Lock your bike in a well-lit area with high foot traffic. Avoid leaving your bike locked outside overnight if possible.

2. Take any removable accessories (such as the E-bike battery, bike GPS and lights) with you when you lock your bike. If your battery has a locking function, use it.

Lock to a solid object, prioritize locking the most expensive parts of your bike

3. Lock to a solid object that can’t be moved or knocked over. Bike racks are ideal, but try giving them a little shake before you lock up—occasionally they aren’t secured tightly to the ground and thieves may take advantage of a loose bike rack.

4. Lock your bike according to the value: Prioritize the frame, then the back wheel and finally the front wheel. If possible, make sure the frame and both of the wheels are securely locked.

5. Choose a lock that can’t be cut and will fit as tightly as possible. With less room inside of the lock, thieves will have a harder time using tools to break it.