Easton EC90 SL ISA seatpost goes super light

Independent saddle adjustment gets race-weight makeover

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Easton made a positive improvement to the unassuming seatpost when the brand introduced its ISA range last year. Now, it’s back to make the ISA post lighter, and more functional.

Easton EC90 SL ISA

The EC90 SL ISA seatpost brings Easton’s Super Light unidirectional carbon fibre to the ISA line. Going SL sheds grams off the post to make it a truly race-ready component. The featherweight zero offset post rolls off the line at a scant 195 g.

Easton EC90 ISA SL
Easton EC90 ISA SL

More than just light, the EC90 SL ISA retains Easton’s Independent Saddle Adjustment design. This lets you dial in fit without the frustration by isolating seat angle adjustment and the saddles fore-aft movement.

While it’s a small change, we quite liked the system when we tested the EA90 ISA seatpost least year. Now, you can get the same ease of use in a super light post. The Sl version has been on the bikes of Easton’s elite World Cup racers like Sanne Cant and the Overland gravel team, so while it’s super light, it’s also happy being dragged through the mud.

Easton EC90 ISA SL

Di2 Battery Insert


Easton EC90 ISA SL di2 battery holder
Easton EC90 ISA SL di2 battery holder

Easton also introduced a 27.2 Di2 Batter Insert, which can be used across the full range of ISA 27.2 seatposts. The simple design gives you one more option for storing your Di2 battery on internally routed frames.

EC90 SL ISA Seatpost and Di2 Battery Insert

Seatpost weight: Zero offset – 195 g, SETBACK – 200g

Finish: Matte Black UD carbon

Head offset: 0 mm, 20 mm

Length: 350 mm with 80 mm min. insert

Quill size: 27.2 mm

Material: EC90 Carbon fibre

EC90 SL ISA Seatpost MSRP: $250.00

Easton Di2 Battery Insert MSRP: $20.00