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Easton’s big pre-Sea Otter rollout

Carbon fibre wheels for all conditions and an alloy addition to the Cinch family

Easton EA90

Sea Otter is just around the corner once again, but Easton didn’t feel like waiting until the big show to rollout its new 2019 goodies.

Instead, the company has a four-part pre-Otter release. Ranging from carbon fibre wheelsets to aluminum cranksets and even a stem. There are even very nicely done videos for the two wheelsets:

Easton EC90 SL wheelset

Carbon fibre wheels can be a big investment, but the EC90 SL aims to make up for that with impressive versatility. Race on the road, run tubeless cross tires for your next cx race or head onto the unpaved backroads on a gravel adventure. The EC90 Sl wheelset will be with you all the way. So will Easton’s EC Carbon Confidence 2-year no-questions-asked guarantee.

To make this versatility work, Easton uses its Vault hub, with tool-free swappable end-caps, which work with all major axle standards.

MSRP for the Easton EC90 SL wheelset is $2500.00

Easton EC90 Aero55

Built around Easton’s Vault hub and with the EC Carbon Confidence 2-year guarantee, the EC90 Aero55 is an aero wheel designed to survive the stress of year round training. Show up on the start line with confidence by racing on the same wheels you’ve trained with all season, without giving up a performance advantage.

Easton EC90 Aero55 wheelset retails for $2600.00

Easton EA90 Crankset

Easton’s Cinch system, originally used in the EC90 SL crankset, is now available in aluminum.

The EA90 aluminum crankset uses Easton’s Cinch system, allowing you to run different 1x and 2x ring combinations. Whether you want to set your bike up for road race, cyclocross or a big day out on gravel roads, the EA90 will have a chainring combo that works for you.

Easton EA90

The EA90 is compatible with Easton’s Cinch power meters, and BB options across a wide range of frame standards. The claimed weight for the EA90 is 534 g, crank only. Chain ring options run from 38 tooth to 50 tooth in 1x, as well as six different 2x combinations.

Easton’s EA90 crankset retails for $150. Chainrings and BB sold separately.

Easton EA 90
Easton EA 90 SL stem with ICM Garmin mount

Easton EA 90 SL stem and ICM Garmin mount

Along with the EA90 crankset, Easton released an updated version of the EA90 SL stem. The 2019 version of the stem boosts the boom diameter for increased stiffness, while shaving grams off the previous version. The EA 90SL also comes with titanium hardward and the option to run Easton’s integrated ICM Garmin mount, which comes stock with the stem.

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While a new stem isn’t always the most exciting development, Easton have dropped an impressive amount of weight of the unassuming component. The alloy stem is now just 110 grams for the 100 mm length, putting it on the lighter range of even carbon fibre options.

Easton offers the EA90 SL in lengths from 70 mm to 130 mm

Easton’s EA 90 SL stem retails for $187.50, including ICM Garmin mount.