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First Look: 2020 Liv Thrive E+ Pro EX

Riding the commuter friendly, adjustable e-bike from Liv

by Heather Roberts

Liv is calling its latest e-bike, the Thrive E+ Pro EX the first e-bike built specifically for women. The Thrive expands the brands e-bike mountain bike and trekking options to meet the needs of commuting and recreational riders.

Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro

First Impressions: Riding the 2020 Liv Thrive E+ Pro EX

Since receiving the LIV Thrive E+ I have not driven my vehicle. Not only because it is saving me fuel costs and is better for the environment. The Thrive E+ it is super comfortable and always ready to ride. My commute for work is approx. 20kms and often weather or time would be my deterrent for bike commuting. The built in fenders and lights make it suitable to ride in all conditions and at any time of day. With the Thrive E+ I actually look forward to the commute in BOTH directions, even the 3 km long climb home.

Fall on Vancouver Island means wet roads, even when it’s not raining. I’ve been able to use my non cycling specific rain pants and stay warm and dry. Hills don’t matter, even after a day of work and with panniers loaded with groceries for a family of 4. Other features that are important to me are the key to remove the battery. I can stop at the grocery store or to do errands and I don’t have to pack the battery around. The computer is simple to use and intuitive. Press Power and away I go!

Build and features: 2020 Liv Thrive E+ Pro EX

Motor and battery

A SyncDrive Pro motor powered by Yamaha delivers 80 Nm of torque to the Thrive E+. Four different support levels provide up to 360% support. These support levels can be tuned for rider preference using the new RideControl App.

The SyncDrive Pro motor uses a PedalPlus six-sensor system to adjust the power output and provide smoother, and faster support. The six sensors include torque, speed, cadence, motor rotation, slope detection and an accelerometer, which provide information need to ensure smooth support across different terrains and speeds.

Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro PedalPlus
What the PedalPlus looks like inside.

The Thrive E+ Pro EX is powered by an EnergyPak Smart 375 battery, which is integrated into the frame. Liv has made the battery removable, for security when leaving it locked in public for extended lengths of time and for easy charging. On the bike, the battery is locked in place.  Charging can also be done while the battery is on the bike.

Liv Thrive E+ EX Pro
Two locks keep the battery securely on the bike.

The battery is charged by a 6A Smart Charger, which Liv says will reach 80% charge in 1:40 hours. Time to 100% charge is claimed to be 2:45. The Thrive E+ Pro EX is compatible with an EnergyPak Plus range extender.

Frame and wheel size

Liv builds the Thrive E+ Pro EX around an Aluxx Sl aluminum frame and 27.5″ wheels. The e-bike is available in sizes XS, S, M, and L. The frame has an integrated rack. There are integrated front and rear lights, which are controlled by the computer.

Shimano hydraulic brakes provide reliable stopping power in all weather conditions. A 10-speed Shimano Tiagra drivetrain powers the Thrive E+ Pro EX.  Kenda Kwik Seven.5 Sport 27.5 x 2.40″ tires are fast rolling, and include a reflective strip on the sidewall for added visibility in low-light conditions.

Computer: RideControl EVO and app

All of this power is controlled by the RideControl EVO computer. For 2020, the computer does more than display support level, control the Thrive’s lights and show battery level. Riders can now use the computer for route planning and biometric feedback.

Using the RideControl app, you can set power output levels, and customize your EVO display. You can also use it for Navigation, with the option to program routes with turn by turn direction prompts.

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If you want to use the Thrive E+ for fitness as well as commuting, or to combine the two, the RideControl EVO now has biometric feedback. Using the App, you can set the system to automatically adjust the pedal support to help you ride at a desired heart rate. You can track and monitor your effort and fitness through the app after your ride.

You can use the RideControl app to get phone, text message and email notifications through the EVO display. This way you can ride, without worrying you’ll miss an important call while riding. The RideControl EVO features a USB port that functions as a phone charger if needed.


The Thrive E+ Pro EX retails for $4,000.

2020 Liv Thrive E+ Pro EX