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Giro unveils Silo helmets, Empire shoes for 2016

Giro's latest offerings, in offering both something totally new and an improvements on a classic, are all about innovation.


In the cycling world, there are few names bigger or more authoritative when it comes to quality gear than Giro. Over the years, the brand has offered one innovation in protective, high-performance apparel for cyclists after another, and it recently unveiled its newest such innovations for 2016.

Those products are its Silo helmets and Empire shoes, the newest additions to its lineup of head and footwear.



The SILO helmet has features of particular note for more ecologically-conscious riders, with an E-PLA liner—exclusive to the brand—made from plant biomass. As such, it has less environmental impact than the more commonly-used polystyrene foam, but similar function in absorbing the energy generated by an impact. Thanks to that construction, it’s also biodegradable, of course, meaning it can be recycled or composted when the helmet reaches the end of its life.

As an addition to that industrial compostable liner, the shell is made from recyclable ABS plastic #9, while its webbing is also compostable, made from coconut fibre. Polyester padding, nylon buckles and corrugated cardboard packaging round out the helmet’s other green features, all of which can be recycled.

These helmets are also ideal for keeping the head cool on long tours or city rides, with eight vents to keep the skull breathing.


  • Coconut fiber webbing.
  • Bio-sourced liner.


  • ABS shell with E-PLA biomass liner.


  • Eight vents.



GIRO’s other offering for 2016, meanwhile, is a technical improvement on a classic look. The brand’s Empire ACC shoes have been splashed with a reflective, high-visibility coating making them ideal for night riders, thanks to its position in the microfiber upper of the shoes. That upper is a new addition, too, constructed from highly-breathable Evofiber upper, forming a one-piece design along with a laced closure.

Efficient power transfer is also provided, thanks to a stiff Easton EC90 ACC carbon fiber sole, and a stack height of 6.5 mm that closely connects the foot and the pedal. Performance is also aided with the use of an adjustable SuperNatural Fit foot bed, allowing riders to fine-tune and customize their shoes’ fit.


  • One-piece upper design.
  • Evofiber breathable microfiber.
  • Laced closure.


  • Easton EC90 ACC carbon fiber.
  • Replaceable heel pads.


  • SuperNatural Fit Kit with adjustable arch support.
  • X-Static anti-microbial fiber.


  • 215 grams (size 42.5)