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Review: The re-designed MET Rivale MIPs is breathable and lightweight

The helmet features improved safety and comfort

Photo by: MET

The new MET Rivale helmet, more than 30 years in the making, is honed as a statement of MET’s mission to create iconic designs that inspire confidence and enhance riding experience.

Renowned for their incredibly high testing procedures, MET has always put safety as a top priority when designing new helmets or improving existing models. The R&D processes and associated testing protocols means every MET helmet goes through the company’s individual brand standards on top of those enforced on a global scale. The new improved MET Rivale MIPs is no exception to the rule.

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For the MET Rivale, the company has tightened the price-quality ratio to offer top-level protection. The helmets are engineered to add at least 10 per cent additional protection in comparison with the construction of standard helmets. At a price that is affordable for most, MIPS technology specifically protects the wearer from rotational forces during certain impacts; Thankfully we managed not to put this to the test and have taken MET’s word for it instead.

New fit

The helmet boasts a more stable fit than its predecessors—MET’s new Safe-T Upsilon retention system offers ‘evolutionary design’ without compromising the fit. The 360 head belt is easy to adjust and aims to avoid any pressure points offering you a more individual fit.


I found the helmet was better suited to those with a round head shape and less so for those with a slightly narrower shape as the any adjustments made were primarily felt at the front and rear of the helmet. It felt like there were small gaps on either side when the helmet was at its tightest. This wasn’t an issue though, as the MET Rivale MIPs was comfortable throughout.

Air Lite straps

At just 250g for the medium MIPs model, the MET Rivale is lightweight. The head belt is ponytail compatible, and the Air Lite straps are well positioned and can be easily adjusted around the ears and below the chin. I did find that these straps came slightly loose on occasion and needed to be readjusted in preparation for the next ride.


The MET Rivale MIPs’ ventilation system is top notch; something I have come to expect with MET, having worn a number of their helmets over the years. With 18 vents in total, those at the front of the helmet are the perfect place to keep your sunglasses and have been designed with a wider and longer shape to maximize the benefits of the internal air channeling system and the NACA vents at the rear of the helmet. This improves the ventilation across the head to maintain optimum temperature on the hottest of days.

The lower, tube shaped profile of the NACA vent isn’t just a part of the ventilation system. A MET signature in terms of style, it also serves to increase the aerodynamic advantage in comparison to former Rivale models.

The MET Rivale is available from mid-October 2020 in seven colour options, size small (52-56cm), medium (56-58cm), and large (58-61cm).

The MET Rivale MIPs is $250 and the MET Rivale is $200