People rarely go anywhere without their phones. We take them with us to the grocery store. They are in our hands snapping photos at memorable events and they are always close at hand even at social gatherings. Out on a ride, it’s certainly not a bad idea to have your phone. What if the light is just perfect on your favourite stretch of road and you absolutely need to get a shot for the ‘gram? A phone can also be a bailout option if you suffer a devastating mechanical or just to organize a meetup spot with a friend.

Out on the road, your phone may feel safe and secure in your back pocket but there are risks to riding with a delicate electronic in your back pocket. If you encounter inclement weather your phone could get soaked. It can get sweaty in your back pocket. Take your phone out while riding and it’s exposed to other dangers. Here are some tips to ensure your phone stays safe throughout your time in the saddle.

Use a protective case

A waterproof case is a perfect solution for protecting your phone on the ride. While you’ll need to stop and remove it from the case to answer a call or snap a picture, you can ride with the peace of mind that it won’t get wet from sweat or inclement weather and it won’t get scratched up from keys or sticky from a finished gel. You can also keep your cards and money in a case where it will stay secure.

Plastic bag

The budget solution to a case is a good old Ziploc bag. While it’s far less fancy, it’ll do the trick keeping a protective cover on your phone that won’t let water penetrate and keep your keys and other pocket contents from scratching or dirting your phone.

Don’t remove it from your pocket while riding

We all know someone who’s dropped and smashed the screen on their fancy new smartphone. In the most mundane of situations, a slippery glass device easily escapes your grasp. So reach into your back pocket while riding to try and pull it out and you are taking a big risk. If you want to ensure nothing happens to your phone while out riding, leave in your pocket especially when rolling no matter how comfortable you are riding with one or no hands. Wait until you are stopped to snap that shot.

Zippered pockets are your friend

If you are going off-road or hitting singletrack where you’ll be bouncing around more than on smooth tarmac, it’s a good idea to wear apparel that has a zippered pocket so you can safely store your most important belongings. If you take a little tumble, your phone could slip out without you noticing or it could bounce around and get all scratched up if you have anything else in the pocket you are storing it in.

Put it in a different pocket than your snacks

While riding, you will be reaching frequently into your pockets to take out snacks, a jacket or other belongings like your keys when you get home. Keeping your phone in a separate pocket with things that are soft and you aren’t likely to need mid-ride will reduce the change it accidentally comes out when you are reaching for something else. Keep your phone in a pocket away from food as well so it doesn’t risk getting dirty.

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