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Kryptonite Evolution Lite Mini-6 u-lock provides secure and lightweight protection

Security and peace of mind in a compact package

Locking up my commuter is second nature. I don’t really think about it. Usually while still in the saddle and approaching my destination I identify a suitable place to lock it, approach, then pull out my lock and voila. The Kryptonite Evolution Lite Mini-6 provides the simplicity I look for, the security I count on and a light weight so I don’t even notice it in my bag or tucked into my belt.

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U-locks have a proven design with Kryptonite’s always giving solid and secure peace of mind. The Evolution Lite Mini-6 is no exception except it’s lighter than the rest of Kryptonite’s line-up at only 730 g without compromising strength. That’s achieved with a 11 mm hardened steel shackle, Kryptonite’s new bentfoot double deadbold design, reinforced cuff and secure disc style cylinder.

The Evolution Lite is small with a reach of only 17 cm at the U which will secure around a post, street lock but may have trouble reaching around a wheel, a post and the frame of your bike. For quick stops it’s great for throwing around the seat tube and rear wheel. The simple design and small size makes in maneuverable in tight spaces when locking next to another bike or in an awkward spot which should be avoided but is sometimes necessary.

Locking and unlocking the Evolution Lite Mini-6 in cold weather with gloves or numb hands wasn’t troublesome. The rotating key hole protector slides easily out of place and the key firmly fits so I didn’t spend unnecessary time fiddling with the lock before getting it securely on my bike. The keyhole protector is great for keeping rain and moisture out from the locks internals, something that can cause rust or in below freezing temperatures a seized lock.

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A nice addition is the little blue LED light on the largest of the three keys that comes with the lock. On dark fall evenings or dimly lit streets it came in handy helping me find the key hole.

The reach of the U on the Mini-6 isn’t as generous as on larger locks but for it’s size it provides the security in most situations. If you intend to have a more versatile lock you may want to look at one of Kryptonite’s bigger offerings like the Evolution Standard which incorporates the same new security features but has a greater reach.

The Kryptonite Evolution Lite Mini-6 is a compact offering that will never be a hassle to carry around with you. There is no excuse not to have this lightweight lock on you. It’s strength, simplicity and reliability gave me the confidence I want in the lock that sits between a potential thief and my bike. The lock retails for $96.