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Louis Vuitton is selling a $35,000 bike

The Louis Vuitton by Maison Tamboite City Bike is mind-bogglingly expensive

Photo by: Louis Vuitton

Yes, you read that correctly, Louis Vuitton is selling a $35,000 bike. Made by Paris-based builder Maison Tamboite, the city bike comes in step-through or closed frames.

Photo: Louis Vuitton

The five colourways of the obscenely expensive bike are each available in three sizes. Urs Fischer designed a few limited editon LVxUF bikes as well.

Photo: Louis Vuitton

Features include canvas- or Jacquard textile-wrapped frame, “silver-color hardware,” a leather saddles, handlebars and cables, two whole speeds, mechanical disc brakes, a back and front light, a kickstand and a bell. The mudgards are made of tinted woods and the step-trough models features a basket.

Photo: Louis Vuitton

The bikes come with monogramed LV features including a Monogram flower chainset. The brand also confusingly describes the frame as “LV” shaped, and says that the bike is “perfect for a city adventure or a countryside exploration.”

Photo: Louis Vuitton

This isn’t the company’s first bike—in 2011 they jumped on the fixed gear trend and sold a high-end bike polo bike.


For the cost of this bike you could buy about four Pinarello Dogma frames (interestingly, the majority of  Pinarello’s stake is owned by the same private equity firm as Louis Vuitton.

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For $35,000 you could also buy 70 of State Bicycle Co.’s very similar looking Elliston City Bike, which even has one speed more than the LV bike.