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Momentum PakYak E+ Cargo bike

Giant develops green transport options with versatile new electric commuter

Photo by: Momentum

Giant Bicycles is pushing deeper into the green transportation movement with the Momentum PakYak E+ Cargo bike. It’s Momentum’s first electric cargo bike.

For those not familiar with the Momentum name, it’s the lifestyle-inspired brand off-shoot of Giant, focused on urban transportation solutions. So you get momentum’s focus on urban-specific bikes, backed by Giant and Liv’s years of experience in electric bikes, commuter bikes, and manufacturing processes.

PakYak E+

PackYak E+ bundles together a long list of features to make it a commuter friendly and functional electric cargo bike. It uses a low-step frame that’s easy to dismount, a sturdy double kickstand and an array of accessories to personalize the PakYak for your specific needs. Since most families and businesses share one cargo bike between several people, it uses a dropper post – borrowed from the mountain bike world, to provide quick seat height adjustments on the fly and make dismounting and balancing while stopped even easier.

The PakYak E+ will help you up to speeds of 32 km/hr, with it’s electric motor and battery, including a secure spare battery storage option. To keep heavy loads from impacting your ride, an integrated steering stabalizer keeps the e-cargo bike stable.

“The PakYak E+ is the ultimate cargo E-bike for everything from carrying kids to school, bringing home groceries or enjoying a weekend adventure,” said Phoebe Liu, chief branding officer of Giant Group, which includes Giant, Liv, Momentum and CADEX brands. “This bike delivers incredible stability and smooth handling, along with a complete line of accessories that meets a variety of needs for different lifestyles. With the ability to use an optional auxiliary battery to go further, the PakYak E+ gives riders another reason to leave their cars at home.”

E-Cargo pedal assist

Momentum’s SyncDrive Pro mid-drive was developed in partnership with Yamaha to provide 80 Nm of torque, adding the power you need (up to 360% of a rider’s effort) to comfortably manage whatever load you saddle the PakYak E+ with. It uses Smart Assist technology, using six sensors to adjust the motor’s support levels to speed and terrain for smooth power.

The PakYak E+’s EnergyPak 500 Wh lithium-ion battery is housed inside the aluminum downtube. This allows for easy removal and installation when charging, replacing or storing the battery. The battery will reach full charge in 4.1 hours, though Momentum says it will hit 80 per cent charge in a little over two hours.

Range will vary depending on load and riding style, with heavier loads and higher assist levels draining the battery faster, but Momentum says the 500 Wh battery will carry the PakYak E+ up to 96 km. That’s a whopping 194 km, with the optional auxiliary battery, which can be stored on bike.

Dashboard and App integration

Giant has invested years into developing its e-bike monitors and smartphone support apps. The PakYak E+ cargo bike is supported by the RideControl Dash monitor, which can display a wide array of information from battery range, speed, and distance. It also connects to the RideControl app, which further breaks down all the metrics you could possibly want from your rides and allows support adjustments.

Shimano Nexus Inter-5E rear hub

Momentum taps industry giant Shimano for the brand new Nexus Inter-5E rear hub. Designed specifically for mid-drive electric bike systems, it works smoothly with the added load.

For safe urban riding, the e-cargo bike bike comes standard-equipped with front basket and rear racks, lights, fenders, an LED remote control dashboard, USB charger, and lockable storage box.

Make your Yak your own

Momentum offers a wide array of accessories to give your PakYak E+ a personality of its own. There’s a lockable storage case, optional extra battery storage, integrated front basket, water bottle mount locations, seat pad, passenger foot rests, passenger bar and wheel guard, tote bags, rear basket, custom pannier bags and more.

“Through focus groups and research, we looked closely at how riders have been using their bikes to determine what functionality and accessories they might want,” continued Liu. “Our goal was to design and build the bike of their dreams to encourage riding over driving.”

The PakYak E+ is now available at select Momentum retailers in North America. Learn more and find your local retailer at www.momentum-biking.com/ca/pakyak.

The PakYak E+ retails for $6,300 in Canada.