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Over the top: Four gifts for the cyclist who has everything

Holiday gift ideas that will really stand out

The shopping season is in full craze full swing, as we count down the final days before the holidays. But what do you do for the cyclist on your list that already has everything?

How about up-cycled bottle cages, or a personalized greeting from everyone’s favorite YouTuber, Phil Gaimon? Here’s four over-the-top gifts for your favorite gear nerd:

Paul Components Engineering 30th Anniversary Silca Titanium straws (Silca – $39.70)

Made from tubing leftover from Silca’s Sicuro Titanium bottle cage production, this pair of titanium straws (one bent, one straight) not only cuts waste in production on Silca’s end, it keeps plastic straws out of landfills. Reusable, reclaimed and light weight, these are the gold standard, or titanium standard, in buzzword-friendly drinkware.

The straws are laser engraved with the Silca logo and hand anodized in one of four colours: gold, aqua, royal blue or rainbow.

Who is it for? Silca says its straw will suit “the person who is sustainability and fashion conscious and wants a cool straw with better strength-to-weight ratio than all the other straws.”



ENVE Air Pressure Station (ENVE – $750)


For those with exacting demands in tire pressure, ENVE’s over-the-top Air Pressure Station will inflate your tire to within 0.5% of a psi. You still have to provide the compressor or supply of bottled air, but ENVE will do the rest. This automatic digital inflator will help seat tubeless tires, and set tire pressure with extreme accuracy. Sure, you could use a floor pump and tire pressure gauge, but would that look anywhere near as cool on the inside of your home workshop or team van? If you are obsessive enough about tire pressure to spend nearly a grand for perfect pressure, but aren’t sure what psi you need, ENVE has a mobile app that provides its latest tire pressure recommendation charts for users.

Personalized message from Phil Gaimon, or a pro (Cameo – $10 – $500)

Ex-pro turned author and video series creator Phil Gaimon will give you kudos, or record your voice mail message (…for those of you that still have an answering machine) or well, say pretty much whatever you want for $100. It’s part of Cameo’s new service providing personalized messages from your favorite celebrities.

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The list of cyclists is growing slowly, but includes current pros like Paris-Roubaix winner Philippe Gilbert ($49), Oliver Nassen ($15), Stephen Hyde ($15), Gianni Moscon ($30), and Michael Valgren ($50). There’s also retired legends including George Hincappie ($50) and Brian Lopes ($20)

Gaimon’s $100 ask may seem steep, but it’s peanuts compared to all stars like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Brett Favre, who are both charging $500 for a personalized message, rapper and actor Ice T ($450), or NBA legend / “Global Ambassador” Dennis Rodman ($300). But really, all I want is for Gaimon to give me Kudos on Strava…

Paul Componenets 30th Anniversary Box Set (Paul Components Engineering – USD $1,990.00)Paul Components Engineering

Paul is an institution, and makes fantastic parts, absolutely. No one is questioning that, and its a great achievement to thrive for 30 years while holding true to the brand’s “Made in America” ethos. USD $1,990.00 for a set of disc brakes, levers, a seat collar and bottle opener is still incredibly dear. Even if the Pewter and Purple parts are made in Chico, California.

Each of the 30, hand numbered sets Paul Components 30th anniversary groups comes with a nice wooden box, though. Worth it to own a piece of North American cycling history? It’ll definitely make you stand out at the next group ride.