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POC launches new aero eyewear, Propel

New sunglasses are fast and comfortable

On Tuesday, POC announced its brand-new performance eyewear, with aerodynamics in mind.
The new shades are made specifically for racing. The bike brand claims they are the most aerodynamic cycling sunglasses the company has ever produced. Lightweight with a large lens and unique field of view, the eyewear were developed with speed in mind.

“In developing our aero initiative, we wanted to explore the aerodynamic potential of eyewear. We know the world of performance cycling is about marginal gains, and every watt saved can make a difference. We tested continually with computational fluid dynamic testing (CFD) to research and fine-tune our ideas,” POC’s eyewear manager, Tilda Håll said, “The results led us to design the eyewear with the rider’s body and position in the forefront of our minds. The result is the most aerodynamic eyewear we have ever produced.”

The new glasses come with a unique lens and temple design that is meant to reduce drag and allow airflow as it works together with the rider and their body position. The Propel sits closer to the rider’s face, using a wrap-around feel and side fairings which will guide air away from a rider’s ears. Therefore, instead of allowing a rider’s ears to cause turbulence, the glasses will create a smoother airflow, thereby enhancing a rider’s aerodynamic profile.

If you’ve been watching the Tour Down Under in Australia, you’ll have no doubt spotted the new shades on the heads of EF Education – EasyPost and EF Education-TIBCO-SVB riders. “There’s a saying in cycling, ‘if it looks fast, it is fast’, and that sums up Propel,” EF Education – EasyPost CEO Jonathan Vaughter said., “We know all the aerodynamic testing that went into creating it, but equally important is the lens shape and broad field of view, which is incredibly confidence inspiring when you are packed in a tight peloton.”

To learn more, head over to PocSports.com

POC Propel, US $250