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Proof you love your bike more than your partner

Five signs you might be more committed to your cycling than your relationship

Cycling can be a big commitment of time, energy and money. It’s a hobby that can sap away time from other activities including spending time with family and loved ones pretty quickly. Your bike is special and as such, you give it a lot of attention. But is it possible you love your bike more than your partner in life? Here are five signs you love your bike more than your partner:

woman hand cleaning bicycle wheel with sponge.

You spend more time cleaning your bike

Your bike gets some solid TLC when you get it dirty. You’ve got a washing station all set up and you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty when your bike needs it. Your partner, on the other hand, is responsible for their own personal hygiene. All the time you spend fiddling with your bike and fixing things on it, is time you aren’t spending with your partner.

You plan your weekends around your riding plans

Cyclists want to ride and there’s no better time to get in the saddle than on the weekends. The open road is calling and all your riding friends are headed out. Your weekend plans quickly revolve around your riding. Your partner is given a ballpark time for your arrival back but the hour is flexible and the important thing is that you are banking valuable saddle time.

Campagnolo H11

You take your bike on nice vacations

While your partner may tag along, when you suggest a vacation destination you are actually thinking about spending time with your bicycle. Whether you are travelling to an alpine destination with epic climbs or a lovely pastoral area with culinary delights and vintage wines, it’s really the riding you are looking forward to.

You spend more money on your bike

New carbon wheels cost more than a couple of fancy nights out at fine dining establishments. Your bike only gets the best and you think carefully about what upgrades are worthy for your trusted steed. The continued maintenance costs along with purchasing hot new gear results in more time shopping for your bike than with your partner who you refuse to even go to the mall with cause you’ve usually got riding plans anyways.

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You change your habits for cycling

Part of a relationship is finding the rhythm and adjusting to the habits of your partner but people are not always so willing to totally reinvent themselves for the sake of their relationship. But as a cyclist, you’ve shown a willingness and ability to change your habits for riding. You go to bed early before big rides, you watch your diet so you are a lean mean cycling machine and you’ve become more disciplined because of your riding.