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EF-Education, Rapha and Palace Skateboards collab to launch the funkiest Crocs you’ll ever see

The new kicks celebrate the Tour de France Femmes

Rapha Crocs

For the first time since the ‘80s, women will also get to race on cycling’s biggest stage at the Tour de France Femmes. To celebrate this seminal occasion, Rapha partnered with Palace Skateboards to create a new limited-edition switch-out kit for the riders of the EF Education-TIBCO-SVB and EF Education-EasyPost teams as well as an extended range of casual wear.

After 33 years, women are finally able to return to race and they are ready to show the world what it’s been missing. The new “off-bike” collection includes some funky Crocs, which will match perfectly with the Rapha and Palace Jibbits and a range of casual wear including short and long sleeve t-shirts, hoodie and a women’s cropped t-Shirt.

Rapha Crocs

This isn’t the first time that EF is diving deep into the world of Crocs; Lachlan Morton wore the rubbery shoes when his feet got too sore during his Alt Tour de France in 2021. He rode each stage of the Tour daily, unassisted, as part of a fundraiser.

Are these the greatest cycling shoes ever?

By the second week, Morton’s feet were so swollen he decided to chuck his cycling shoes and throw on some platform pedals and nifty Crocs.

Rapha and Palace EF Crocs features

• Limited edition for EF Education-EasyPost and EF Education-TIBCO-SVB
• Incredibly lightweight and fun to wear
• Water-friendly and buoyant; weighs only ounces
• Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris
• Easy to clean and quick to dry
• Pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit
• Guaranteed to act as a helluva conversation starter