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Rapha launches limited edition Maghalie Rochette collection

Kit was created in collaboration with ‘cross star

Photo by: David Gagnon

Cyclocross champ, podcast host and part-time bee-keeper, Maghalie Rochette lives her life in full colour. This season, her racewear collection continues to take inspiration from her tiny, winged friends: bees.

Inspired by the incredible ability of bees to see colours that we can’t, Maghalie’s second collection created in collaboration with Rapha, brings to life more of the aspects of the bee inspired graphics seen in her first, translated in a unique iridescent design.

“The design is inspired by bees’ depth of vision, their abilities to distinguish colors in great detail. I’m reminded to also have a great depth of vision when I am training and racing,” Rochette said. “When I am chasing big goals, it’s crucial to be able to keep a clear vision of what I’m trying to achieve, but mostly why I am doing it, and how I want to do it.”

The colours and the playfulness of this kit also have meaning to the cross and MTB pro. “Basically, it’s just a great vibe. When I put the kit on, I feel like I am in a Silk Sonic song…I feel groovy, happy, and full of swag. It makes me smile and gives me the right attitude to tackle any type of hard training, long adventure, or big race!”

The collection goes on sale Apr. 19. You can learn more at Rapha.cc