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Review: Giro Sutton MIPS helmet

A commuter helmet with optional accessories

When I tested the Giro Sutton MIPS helmet with the Opus E-Big City bike I felt like I was achieving my full commuter potential. The helmet is comfortable and functional and has a few hidden features you could miss at first glance.

MIPS, fits and looks

Whether I’m commuting at a leisurely pace or doing a full-out effort I personally prefer a helmet that has the most impact protection possible (really, the point of a helmet) so I’ll always opt for the option with MIPS or other added safety features. The Sutton MIPS has a single pad in the centre of the helmet, which maintains some space between the MIPS and your hair, an important feature for those with longer locks that could get pulled.

Adding to safety, there are also some subtle hi-vis features on the Sutton MIPS. The two rear reinforced vents and the light clip on the rear have hi-vis rims, the helmet straps have hi-vis stitching and the visor has a hi-vis rim.

The rear dial that tightens the fit system is a bit too flat to get a good grip on it, which seems like a tiny issue but I like to get the fit just right and it bothered me a little when I couldn’t habitually reach back and turn it quickly.

The helmet comes in four colourways: matte dark faded teal, matte black, matte grey and matte warm black. The matte is visually nice, but it does show any knicks and scrapes somewhat prominently, so I wouldn’t recommend tossing the helmet around (I also wouldn’t recommend tossing any helmet around). The shape is slightly reminiscent of a moped helmet and the mostly unventilated top portion is great for rainy days. For non-rainy days, the Sutton MIPS features an integrated lock port, that is designed to be used with a U-lock so riders can comfortably leave their helmet outside with their bike.

Accessories and features

The helmet’s removable visor isn’t its only accessory. Riders who want some extra visibility can use the Sutton MIPS’ light clip to attach a rear light.

Cold-weather riders can also buy the Giro Sutton Winter Kit, which transforms the helmet into a winter-optimized commuting accessory.  The kit includes a winter liner, ear pads and a neck roll to protect exposed skin from the elements.

The Giro Sutton MIPS is $163 available at your local Giro retailer