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Review: Lazer Strada KinetiCore, light, compact and comfortable

A sleek and sharp helmet at an affordable price

If you’re looking for a helmet that is great for both racing or exploring, the Lazer Strada KinetiCore may be for you. Not only is sleek and lightweight and perfect for those hot days in group rides or races, it’s also comfortable and versatile for long adventures. The best part: the sharp lid comes in at a very reasonable price. The Lazer Strada KinectiCore boasts several key safety features that make it a great all-around choice for protecting your noggin as well. The helmet itself has the same shape as the the Vento, but at half the price.

Lazer uses its own integrated rotational impact protection system, KinetiCore, the company’s answer to MIPS. MIPS, or Multi-directional Impact Protection, is a layer that sits in-between the foam pads and the helmet. Upon impact, it slides slightly and thus reduces the amount of force on your brain. KinetiCore gives you protection against impacts via the foam blocks that create crumple zones. They will crumple upon impact, thereby absorbing many of the forces.  By integrating the crumple zone into the helmet, Lazer is able to deliver additional protection without an added layer that can sometimes interfere with fit or ventilation. It also means the helmet is lightweight, at 290 g. This is six percent lighter than the Lazer Blade+ MIPS helmet.

One thing I liked about the helmet is the fit. I have found that helmets are either too big, or too small, in terms of how they sit on your head. The Lazer Strada KinetiCore fits squarely on my head, creating a very slim and cool-looking profile. I also really love the way you tighten the helmet. Where usually you have a dial to adjust the fit, on this helmet you have the Lazer ScrollSys, a miniature conveyor belt to tighten or loosen it. It’s right on the back of the lid, as opposed to just beneath.

Ventilation-wise, it has plenty of openings to keep you cool, but you can also get a Lazer Aeroshell to clip on to make this an even faster option. If you’re the kind of rider who likes taking off your sunglasses when you go up a sweaty climb, the helmet has conveniently placed vents where you can insert your sunnies securely.

Lazer also has the environment in mind, as KinetiCore is made with 10 per cent fewer plastics than previous models. They accomplish this by using less EPS foam.

Lazer Strada KinetiCore, $150