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PRO announces new mountain bike saddles for 2018

A new Tri-spoke wheel for time-trial riders is also among the brand's 2018 offerings

PRO has introduced new mountain bike saddles, drawing upon some of the latest research in the industry. Coming for 2018, the saddles are the products of research conducted in collaboration with Bikefitting.com. They are intended to be better-designed to suit the specific needs of the mountain bike riders. For E-MTB riders, Volture saddle has been developed, while enduro, trail and all-mountain riders are the targets for PRO’s Griffon and Turnix saddles.

In developing these mountain bike-specific saddles, engineers with PRO used detailed mapping of areas affected by pressure on a rider’s body—something undertaken to figure out what the specific demands of enduro, trail, all-mountain and E-MTB riders may be. Ultimately, it was determined that mountain bikers, when choosing saddles, often go for multi-purpose ones, something that tends to sacrifice comfort in the process. And when comfort is lost, performance is diminished, too.

The product of that research is a range of saddles robust enough to absorb hard impacts and tough terrain, yet still lightweight enough not to be an anchor while racing.

Griffon and Turnix

PRO Turnix saddle
PRO Turnix

The Griffon and Turnix saddles feature updates such as wider noses and mid-sections, high-grip covers, more durable side material to protect against damage and increased padding, with an additional 2 mm of thickness on the front of the saddle and 5 mm in the rear. Thanks to that wider nose area, riders are given a more supportive platform at the front, aiding athletes on hard climbs, while the wider mid-section area provides more stability when cornering and manoeuvring. And with more grip, a rider will stay in place on the saddle while doing so.

Constructed from ultra-lightweight ethylene-vinyl-acetate, the padding also weighs 30 per cent less, bringing the Griffon’s overall weight down to 216 g and the Turnix to 222 g. Further features of the saddles include bases made from carbon-reinforced polymer and an Anatomic Fit cut-away pressure relief channel, with covering to prevent mud and water from getting into the saddle itself.

PRO Griffon offroad saddle
PRO Griffon offroad saddle

The rails on both saddles are made from corrosion-resistant stainless-steel (AISI, 18 per cent Cr, 8 per cent Ni), with integrated accessory mounts allowing the addition of race plates, fenders and cameras.

Both saddles come in three widths: 132 mm, 142 mm and 152 mm.

Volture E-MTB

PRO Volture saddle
Volture saddle

The unique needs of e-mountain bike riders generally stem from the fact that they spend less time out of the saddle, therefore applying less force to the pedals. Because of that, more weight is placed on the saddle itself, which inspired the deeper padding of the Volture E-MTB saddle. That padding is placed in the rear of the saddle, with a wider nose design for better stability and handling, and a higher tail for more efficient power transfer.

Also featuring a saddle accessory mount, the Volture E-MTB saddle, weighing in at 235 g, comes in two widths: 142 mm and 152 mm.

PRO’s new mountain bike saddles will be available in January 2018, US$120.

PRO Tri-spoke clincher wheels

PRO tri-spoke clincher wheel

Also a part of PRO’s 2018 product offerings is the brand’s new front wheel designed for triathletes and time-trial disciplines, joining its existing line of tubular and rear disc clincher wheels. The new Tri-spoke clincher wheel, PRO says, offers high-speed aerodynamics and the means of being able to quickly repair punctures on the roadside.

Using the same aerodynamics as the Tri-spoke Textreme wheel, the new wheel features a 3k 2×2 twill carbon weave and a 65-mm deep rim, designed with a depth that offers optimum aerodynamics. Constructed around a Shimano Ultegra 6800 hub, the Tri-spoke clincher wheel weighs a total of 1,040 g, with the added bonus of a protective PRO wheel bag.

The PRO Tri-spoke wheel will be available in January 2018, US$2,000.