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SPD Sandals are back!

Shimano revives the legendary sport sandal just in time for summer

Shimano SPD Sandal SD50 Photo by: Shimano

There are few pieces of cycling history more hotly contested than SPD Sandals. Shimano’s mix of summer casual and sport function have polarized cyclists for decades. The original SD50 have been out of production for almost as long.

How hotly contested? Shimano reports a pair of original SD50 sandals, mint condition in box, recently sold for $900.00 after a fierce eBay bidding war.

Now, to save everyone’s summer, Shimano is bringing SPD Sandals back. Being a Shimano product, it comes with the highly functional product name SD-501A.

Shimano SPD Sandal SD50

Inspired by a classic

This 2020 vision of the SPD Sandal actually revives Shimano’s second-generation sandal, introduced in 2000. Shimano describes the sandal as a “sleek, minimalistic design with dark navy upper and special logo accents.”

The logos are special, as the SD-501A SPD Sandal marks the iconic footwear’s 25th Anniversary. Long out of production, the SD50 were the first clipless pedal compatible sandal when first introduced.

Shimano SPD Sandal SD50

SD-501A technical features

SPD Sandals are about more than just fashion. The SD-501A’s feature a wide rubber SPD compatible sole – rated 4.5 on Shimano’s stiffness scale. The semi-rigid midsole delivers efficient pedalling without sacrificing walking comfort. The open-toe design maximized breathability, while a dual comfort-lined strap closure keeps your foot securely in place.

Shimano’s SD-501A sandals can be worn with or without socks.


Shimano SD-501A Sandals are available now, just on time for summer. The SPD Sandal comes in sizes 38-48 and retails for USD$130.