Specialized Centro Winter LED review

Visible lid with extra warmth and safety features

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Specialized Centro Winter LED

The Specialized Centro Winter LED helmet is designed for cruising the city with safety features and a streamlined design to make it functional for everyday riders. With one-size fits all design, warm inner lining and integrated LED taillight, the Centro Winter LED helmet has the offerings to make it attractive to year-round riders.

The Centro Winter LED’s inner lining keeps the ears and head warm in cold conditions. With a flexible fit system, there’s also plenty of space for warmer layers to be added when the mercury seriously drops. The fit system is very flexible allowing riders of a wide range of head sizes to make use of the helmet. You won’t be finding the helmet tight if you decide to change your hairstyle but you should still slip one on before purchase to ensure it suits your particular noggin. While there appears to be plenty of space in the helmet, it’s width may be a limiting factor for those with larger heads.

Centro Winter LED

The helmet is quite comfortable considering it only comes in an adult size that fits a wide range of head sizes. The retention system is simple but even when ratcheted down to stay snug around my smaller head it felt very comfortable. The inner liner isn’t going to hold up to the coldest days of Canadian winter but does offer sufficient coverage for a range of temperatures you’ll likely encounter in the fall, spring and winter.

In the rear of the helmet there is a ventilation hole designed to fit a coble or u-lock to deter theft. If you are one to leave your helmet with your locked up bike this is a nice feature as many helmets are tricky to get a lock cleanly through. The helmet also has a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and rain or snow somewhat off your face while riding.

Centro Winter LED

The LED light inserted in the back of the helmet is a nice safety feature that ensures you always have a light on you. Positioned high up it will certainly increase your visbility to drivers approaching from the rear. The fluro yellow colour we tested the helmet in will also ensure you’ll be seen and reflective bits on the helmet will add to your visibility on the bike. The LED light requires a battery instead of being rechargeable which would have been a nice feature.

Available in four colours, the Specialized Centro Winter LED retails for $90 making it an affordable helmet for your commutes.