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Sugoi women’s RS Pro Jersey and Bib Shorts review

Kit that looks great and is comfortable for a range of riding

Classic, versatile, and great value for the money, Sugoi’s RS Pro jersey and bib-shorts set will go the distance and can be mixed and matched to suit almost any outing.

Since 1987, Sugoi has lead the way with groundbreaking fabrics and compelling designs, and the latest women’s RS Pro kit is no exception to the rule. Catching the last of the summer sun, on gravel, road and everything in between, we put the RS Pro Jersey and bib shorts through their paces.

Sugoi Women’s RS Pro Jersey

Beautifully articulated, the cut of the Sugio RS Pro jersey is designed to complement the riding position to offer a more efficient experience and elegant fit, and so, naturally sits a little higher at the front to avoid any unwanted baggy areas on the bike. Thankfully, the articulations aren’t anywhere near as aggressive as that which you might associate with a skinsuit and so, café stops can still be taken at leisure.

Using multiple materials in a panelled design has enabled Sugoi to maximize the tech, to offer greater efficiency and comfort, whilst maintaining beautiful design features. Incredibly soft to touch, the Full Moon fabric featured on the back, front and sleeves offers UPF 15 sun protection and is super comfortable. Add to this the breathable, quick-wicking panels on each side of the trunk and it is clear that the Sugoi RS Pro Jersey has been designed to keep you cool in even the toughest of temperatures.

But it’s not all about the tech, Sugoi has successfully maintained their signature Navy Monstera design throughout the panels which provides a more classical and feminine tone than the block pattern that typically results from technological constraints. An all-round crowd-pleaser, cyclists from many disciplines and ability levels, from semi-pros to leisure cyclists, even non-cyclists on occasion, have complimented the Navy Monstera pattern, although I get the impression the latter were considering it more as daywear than a sports item. Either way, the Sugoi RS Pro is absolutely on point with today’s trend. The flowery pattern sits perfectly in the cross-over between cool and feminine, and is suitable for most, if not all riders, male and female alike.

Sugoi hasn’t compromised on the finer details; the super-lightweight Full Moon fabric together with the lazer cut sleeves and small neckline adds to the professional cut and feel of the RS Pro jersey. With 3 stuff pockets as standard, the delicate feel and feminine look of the fabric, which is a continuation of the soft lightweight fabric used for the main panel on the jersey, is somewhat deceptive. The pockets are surprisingly strong and hold everything you might want to take on a longer club ride or sportive, and adding to the versatility of the jersey, the smaller size, and lightweight material encourages the pockets to blend in well when empty and so, together with the articulated cut, make the Sugoi RS Pro jersey the perfect choice for racing also.

Sugio Women’s RS Pro Bib-Shorts

The Sugoi RS Pro bib-shorts are available in two designs; classic black and the Navy Monstera pattern featured on the RS Pro jersey.

Like the jersey, the shorts have been designed and cut to suit the rider’s position to offer a more comfortable and efficient ride, not to mention being more aesthetically pleasing as a result. The soft silicone pattern on the inner surface of the hem ensures the bib-shorts stay in place without over-compressing the leg, which together with a slight difference between the outer and inner leg length, eliminates the dreaded ‘sausage leg phenomenon’ we all worry about.

At first glance, the size of the Formula FX chamois did cause some concern; seemingly bigger than that which I would normally use, I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort these shorts offer. Designed to be thicker where you need it most and thinner where you don’t, the Poron foam within the Formula FX chamois sets out to alleviate the pressure to more sensitive areas without being too bulky once on. Adding to the comfort, the design and the breathable fabric also prevents any build-up of moisture, which can typically be associated with saddle sores and chafing.

Not only in the seat, but breathability is also a key feature throughout the design and the quick-wicking material seen on the side panels of the RS Pro jersey continues into the side panels of the Sugoi RS Pro bib-shorts. Again, drawing on the versatility of the Sugoi RS Pro bib-shorts, the leg-length is slightly longer in comparison to some brands, which I find more aesthetically pleasing, not to mention the additional protection the extra length offers against the elements; the rain, wind and sun, for instance.

It is worth noting that the jersey is designed to offer a race fit and so does come up on the small side. So depending on your preference and riding style, you might consider going one size up if you are aiming for an every-day club run fit. Having ordered small in both, I found that the bibs were slightly more generous in their size.

It has been suggested that the roomy nature of the bibs better accommodates the pit-stop technology, a unique design feature Sugoi prides themselves on that allows the bib shorts to be removed without stripping off completely and so enables comfort breaks to be taken more easily. It has also been suggested that the extra flexibility eases newcomers into moving from padded waist-high sorts to bibs. I can see this as a huge advantage for some, the more casual riders for example, but would say it is less of a concern when it comes to the demands of a more race-focused rider.

I washed both the shorts and the jersey a number of times in a standard washing machine at a cold temperature and the shape was retained for both I was pleased that whilst the jersey maintained it’s articulated, race-fit, the fabric did ‘relax’ a little and so felt more comfortable after a few rides.


A good all-rounder, the Sugoi RS Pro jersey and bib-shorts set can be selected for anything from club rides to high-level road racing. I first wore for the RS Pro jersey and bib-shorts set for Rooted Vermont and found it perfect for the occasion; cool, comfortable and hardwearing it met all the demands of the Vermont based gravel race and looked great too.