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Wahoo launches new trainer, Kickr Move, and smart bike, Kickr Bike Shift

Updated direct-drive unit has 20 cm of fore-aft movement

On Tuesday, Wahoo announced the Kickr Move and Kickr Bike Shift to their line of indoor riding applications. The Kickr Move is an upgraded version of the Kickr trainer that was launched in 2022. It adds 20 cm of fore-aft movement along an integrated track. The Kickr Bike Shift is an indoor smart bike that is set at a lower price point.

According to Wahoo, the new system on the Kickr Move creates a realistic sensation, similar to riding outside. The result, Wahoo says, “is a more engaging, more comfortable and more realistic riding experience than ever before.”

How it works

When you step on the pedals or back off, the trainer moves forwards and backwards with you. The track, Wahoo says, is curved to allow gravity to control the amount of movement. So if you do very little adjustments as you’re seated, it won’t move much. But if you sprint and step on it, it will move much more–thus creating the sensation of riding outside.

More affordable smart bike, the Kickr Bike Shift

Wahoo is also launching a new indoor smart bike at a lower price point, the Kickr Bike Shift. According to Wahoo, the new trainer “offers the unmatched ride feel of Kickr Bike and retains key features such as Reality Shift, True Fit, Real Ride Feel and, of course, Wi-FI.”

The Kickr Bike Shift uses a new brake and belt drivetrain system that responds quickly to grade and power changes, and provides a quiet ride.

As well as the the Kickr Move announcement, Wahoo has also released some hardware to work alongside the Kickr Climb. The Kickr Climb Base Adaptor fits to the base of the Climb, following the same arc as the Kickr Move.

Wahoo Kickr Move, US $1,600
Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift, US$3,000