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Wahoo launches new dual band GPS Elemnt Roam bike computer

Head unit features improved navigation and better graphics

On Tuesday Wahoo launched its newest GPS bike computer, the Elemnt Roam. The new Roam has several key features, including dual band GPS, enhanced navigation, a higher contrast screen, and upgraded memory capacity.

Navigation was, of course, an important factor in the design and development of the new head unit.
Dual Band GPS gives an enhanced and more accurate navigation experience especially when riding in areas where GPS reception can be limited, such as forests or urban areas.

If you’re a fan of hills, the updated Summit Segments Climb feature makes it even easier than ever for you to check on the progress of a climb. This feature automatically detects climbs in a preloaded route, shows any already completed climbs, and users can view more in depth information about the current or upcoming climbs in their ride.

The Roam also has a 64 color high contrast screen, which allows you to easily navigate through their workout screens, while also experiencing more detailed mapping data and easier to read color coded charts, graphs and data fields.

There’s a few more upgrades to the hardware. The memory capacity of the Roam is now 32 GB which means you can manage and store a greater number of regional map packs and stored routes. The battery life has also been extended to 17 hours, a nice feature for when you’re putting in the miles.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam, $600