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What you need to get into fat biking this winter

A guide to trying something new in the cold months

Garneau Gros Louis 1

It’s getting colder by the day in most parts of Canada, so if you want to keep riding, there’s two options: the trainer, or bundle up and ride outside.

Riding outdoors in the winter can be a great way to mix up your training indoors, but it can get pretty nippy. Many people will trade their road bike for a gravel ride or mountain bike when it gets colder. Slowing down outside and having a heavier or more robust ride can be a boon when it comes to riding in wet, snowy or sketchier conditions.

Even better for lousy weather? A fat bike. Fat Bikes are great for winter. They slow you down, even more than a gravel or ‘cross bike, which means you can stay even warmer on those very, very brisk days.

The other benefit is you can pretty much ride over, or through anything. Snow? No problem. Slippery roads? You’re way stabler. You can ride through sand or mud with confidence.

If you’re thinking of trying out Fat Biking this winter, here’s some gear which will help.

Hollywood Racks, Fat Tire Wheel Holder

If you want to drive to a nice location to do your Fat Biking, you need a rack you can trust, and that can accomodate a Fat Bike.

Kuat, Front tire strap and strap extender for Fat bike

A must need add-on for transport.


Wolf Tooth Pogies

On those cold days, these can keep your hands warm no matter the temp. Keeping your hands and wrists out of the wind and thoroughly protected, you’ll be amazed how warm you’ll stay.


G-Form winter gloves

Another option for keeping your hands warm on those cold days, the G-Form gloves are well-insulated so you’re comfortable the whole ride.

Muc-Off -50 lube

Cold weather means you need to a transmission that’s ready for it. Muc-Off lube is good to Arctic-like temperature.

Helmet liner

A handy way to keep your hand warm is a good-fitting helmet liner. The Bern Liner fits perfectly unde your lid, snapping into place.

Deity grippy pedals for cold days

Many people when fat biking in the super cold conditions prefer a boot over a traditional cycling shoe. These pedals keep your foot in place no matter how icey or cold it gets.

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