5 of the best low calorie summer treats

Post-ride sweets to cool you off and get you through hot summer riding

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After, or better yet, during a warm ride you may begin craving something to cool you off. A frozen treat could be the perfect thing to jump start your recovery. Many ice cream companies have recently come out with low-calorie versions of their usual roster of flavours. These low-calorie options typically swap skim or non-fat milk for heavy cream to make the sweet treat less calorie-laden. If ice cream isn’t your thing, popsicles can also be satisfying when you’re finishing your hot workout.

Melona Popsicles

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Just a refreshing splash of Mango Melona!

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Melona’s are a cross between ice cream and a popsicle. They come in five fruity flavours and are only 110 calories a bar with 14 grams of sugar. This isn’t a health food, but a cold sugar hit post-ride won’t kill you. Just don’t eat five in one sitting.

Ben and Jerry’s Moo-phoria Light Ice Cream

With seven of their classic flavours like Cherry Garcia and Mocha Fudge Brownie, Ben and Jerry’s lighter ice creams are only 140-170 calories per serving. These used to be hard to get your hands on in Canada but now they’re widely available.

Yasso Bars

Yasso Greek Yoghurt bars are only 80 to 100 calories per bar and have 5 grams of protein each. These could honestly double as the beginning of a recovery snack.

Talenti Less-Sugar Gelato

Talenti Gelato now makes a lower sugar option. Sweetened with monk fruit juice, a low calorie sugar alternative, the gelato rings in around 160 calories per serving instead of the roughly 250 calories per serving in their other flavours.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

If you haven’t tried mochi ice cream, you have to – the Japanese dessert is the perfect post-ride treat. It’s a small ice cream ball wrapped in a dough made of rice flour and potato starch. They come in all kinds of flavours but a personal favourite is green tea. At 100 calories per ball, have two post ride for the perfect cool down treat.